Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

A timeless classic, marble is perhaps one of the most ancient natural stones used for constructing unspeakably beautiful wonders. From Taj Mahal to Michelangelo’s David, from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, from Parthenon to the Carrara Cathedral marble has always been the material of widely known artworks of amazement.

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While being used to specially reserved for the higher classes in previous centuries, installing marble countertops whilst renovating your kitchen is now a much more affordable and viable choice in our current era. With over dozens of color options both in veining and baseline colors such as beige marble, grey marble, black marble, and the classic white marble. You can create very different themes by accompanying them with different sets of kitchen details and elements. For more fashionable choices you can follow the trend of designers as well with very exotic color options such as gold marble, green marble, blue marble, purple marble, and finally red marble.

Of course, like every natural stone marble has its ups and downs. Their maintenance can be a little more compared to other stones but with little effort, you are sure to retain a wonderful look for your kitchens. Without further ado, here is our list of pros and cons for marble countertops.

Pros of Marble Countertops

Marble Looks Absolutely Astounding

This is most definitely the ultimate reason why you are here and why we are writing this blog. Just as many of us admiring it, marble has a very profoundly elegant and artistic feel to it that is guaranteed to inspire whoever gazes upon it. Their mere presence can convert your kitchen from being simplistic to becoming a sanctuary of beauty and absolute luxury.

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With the Right Maintenance, They Can Last a Long Time

While being fragile in nature against damages from heavy cookware and prone to staining, marble countertops can last for a very long time if taken care of periodically. Like seriously, they are hard to take care of but in the right hands, they will ensure that your kitchen conserves its classical and elegant feeling.

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Marble Increases Property Value

Old or new, a well-installed marble kitchen countertop adds value to your home or establishment. The grandeur and feeling of luxury accompanied with artistic details will surely make a bold statement for whoever’s visiting your kitchen. Therefore, if you plan on selling your property marble will award you back its initial cost or perhaps even a little more.

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Each Marble Slab is Unique

Veining makes every natural stone countertop become truly unique. The organic structure of natural stones makes sure that no slab is the same as one another. When it comes to marble this skyrockets as color options are endless. As we mentioned above there are numerous and exotic color options such as gold marble, blue marble, and purple marble. This means that you can choose any type of color for marble and it’s guaranteed to look distinctly beautiful.

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Cons of Marble Countertops

Needs Professional Installation for Best Results

Natural stones are a very beautiful addition to your kitchens, however, opting for do-it-yourself methods can result in damaging or for the worse breaking the stone during self-installation. For the best results, we suggest getting professional assistance for installation as this will ensure that your marble countertops will last for a longer time due to solid placement.

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Marble Can Easily Be Stained

As a natural material marble countertops tend to become stained. You have to take special care to prevent spilling heavily colored substances such as wines and coffees over your marble countertops. To prevent this, we suggest using special stain removal cleaning products along with long-lasting quality polishing finishes for your marble countertops. Additionally, brown marble countertops can be a better option to counter this in contrast to white marble countertops which easily reveal stains.

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Marble Can Be Prone To Damages

A marble can be a delicate stone and, thus, can be prone to damages. You have to be careful when placing heavy objects over your marble countertops and make sure to utilize your kitchen utensils that can harm the edges. They are also weak on the edges so prefer rounded profiles for your marble countertops.

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Marble Can Degrade Over Time

Like any other natural stone, marble can degrade over time due to its inherently porous structure. You can prevent this by regularly maintaining your marble countertops with the right set of cleaning tools and periodic resealing.

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This is the end of our blog post for the pros and cons of marble couıntertops!

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