Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Finding the right kitchen cabinet style is an important step of the kitchen remodel process. All options offer different advantages and cater to certain interior decoration styles, that is why we strongly advise you to decide upon which look you are after first. Then you should consider your kitchen’s size and layout. Some cabinets look better in small kitchens, some look better in bigger kitchens. In order to ensure your new kitchen’s functionality and durability, you should pay attention to the room itself. Once you decided upon the overall aesthetic you are going for, choosing the right kitchen cabinet is much easier!

Shaker Cabinets

With their modern look and functionality, shaker style cabinets have been very popular amongst homeowners. Due to their simplistic and clean design, they can be applied to any kitchen and look great with any decorum.

Shaker cabinets consist of five pieces: four of them create the frame and the fifth piece, a flat panel, is located in the centre.This cabinet style allows you to choose from a great variety of materials and finishes. As a result, shaker kitchen cabinets can fit into any budget and style. For instance, you can create a clean and contemporary look by opting for a painted finish or natural one with a burned, rustic finish.

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Raised Panel (Classical and Traditional)

Cabinet doors with a raised panel bring a traditional atmosphere to your kitchen. Highlighting the beauty and characteristics of the wood itself, raised panel doors have a slightly elevated panel in the centre. This look can be achieved through carving grooves or attaching a center panel with the help of adhesives. Some raised panel door designs may go for a unique combination of different materials for frames and center panel.

Moreover, you can customize your raised panel door to your liking by choosing square edges or arches, adding a glass panel in the centre or opting for metal inserts. The trendy design of raised panel doors allow you to choose from a variety of woods and finishes in order to be able to incorporate the final product into the style of your kitchen.

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Flat Panel (Slab)

Flat panel cabinet doors are the rising trend amongst contemporary designers and homeowners who enjoy a sleek, modern look in their kitchen. Their concrete and smooth design allows them to fit right into transitional and contemporary styles.

Flat panel cabinet doors are built without any panels or frames, hence they do not have any busy or intricate details. As a result, they look very clean and smooth. Moreover, their fresh look allows them to fit any budget. For your flat panels, you can choose from wood or laminate material and color options are virtually limitless. And, if you feel like going for a rather lavish look, you can make your cabinets look more upscale with various types of hardware.

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Shaker style cabinets work very well with both traditional and modern kitchens. While numerous classical kitchen cabinets have lost their fashionable status in time, their minimalistic look and versatility made shaker style cabinets timeless. If you want to create a transitional kitchen, you can pair your shaker style cabinets with earthy, neutral tones like grey, eggshell, beige, off-white or brown. For a more rustic look, you can go for muted, pastel colors like pale blue, light green, white or warm grey. If you want a more modern kitchen, bold colors like navy blue, burgundy, black, midnight blue, dark gray, cherry or pepper are perfect for you.Raised panel cabinets create sophisticated, traditional kitchens. If you want an inviting and luxurious kitchen, raised panel traditional kitchen cabinets are the best choice for you. Offering a wide range of color options including ivory, antique black, cinnamon, oceana blue and white, raised panel cabinets can cater to very different tastes. You can go for more neutral colors to create a more mellow kitchen design, or you can opt for bold, darker colors for more drama.Flat-panel kitchen cabinets have gained immense popularity in recent years. They offer a sleek, clean look, that is why they work very well with contemporary and modern kitchens. You can incorporate flat panel cabinet doors to a transitional, industrial, modern or ultra-modern interior design style.Paint finish makes flat panel perfect for minimalist kitchens: You can try blanco, prime black, sunny white, light gray, lava gray or tortora.If you want to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, stain finish can be the right choice for you. You can incorporate Capri, Tropea, City Oak, Matrix Vintage, Aspen Oak or Alantejo Elm into your transitional kitchens or industrial style kitchens as well.

Yes, you can! If you like more eclectic kitchens, mixing kitchen cabinet styles is a perfect way to express your unique taste in interior design.

However, please keep in mind that mixing different cabinet styles or colors can create a cluttered or undesirable look. or colors, you need to find common elements to tie them together (same color for different styles or vice versa) Furthermore you need to pay attention to other elements in your kitchen so that they complement both cabinet styles well.

Trying vivid and bold colors in kitchen cabinets!

Many esteemed interior designers have been experimenting with different materials and colors to add some character to the kitchens they design. Lively orange hues, happy and bright yellows, fresh and inviting greens, energizing and unapologetic reds… Using “unusual” colors in kitchen cabinets is very in style now. If you want to update your kitchen, you should consider adding some color!

Currently, modern and edgy kitchen cabinets in dark colors are very popular. If you are fond of daring interior design styles, you can consider incorporating this trend into your kitchen by updating your kitchen with flat panel cabinets.

In addition to modern and daring kitchen designs, timeless cabinet styles like shaker/recessed panel cabinets maintain their status. They will make the space updated without making it ultra-traditional. Recessed panel cabinets are more compatible with most houses than ultra-modern flat panels.

Sleek and modern kitchen designs are on the rise amongst homeowners and interior designers. As a result, flat panel (slab) kitchen cabinets have been very popular in recent years. Offering a minimalistic and understated look, flat panels are very versatile. Since they lack intricate ornaments and details, they are very easy to clean and maintain as well.

In addition to flat panel kitchen cabinets, timeless designs like recessed panel cabinets maintain their popularity and ageless status as well. If you enjoy warm and inviting kitchens, they might be a better fit for you.

We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet styles such as recessed panel cabinets, raised panel cabinets, and flat panel cabinets. Each cabinet style offers a unique look that will add value to your home. They can also be categorized as traditional, transitional, contemporary, and ultra-modern cabinets

If you enjoy modern and minimalistic kitchens, you can consider flat panel cabinets. If you like traditional or transitional interior design elements, recessed or raised panel cabinets can make you very happy.

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