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Brown Marble countertop is not the average marble that you see in homes regularly. They are a beautiful stone that is much harder than the popular white marble that are usually used in kitchens (like Calcutta marble or Carrara marble).

Brown marble countertops are hard and durable and as a result of this you can confidently use it in your kitchen without much worries about it getting etched or stained from any kind of liquid spillage. When it is sealed, then it becomes more resistant to stains and would look brand new for several years to come.

Brown marble has sooth diagonal lines of white swirls of faint pastels and translucent gray, which makes it a top choice for homeowners who may want the look of marble that will still have the durability of quartzite. Brown marble has different shades and varies in pattern from batch to batch. Homeowners should make their final selection after they have looked at the full slabs whenever they want to go for brown marble countertops. The neutral palette of brown marble countertops make it easily suitable for a wide range of styles that include both contemporary and traditional kitchen design styles. For example, you can use an Ogee edge in a traditional kitchen or a straight edge to give brown a contemporary look. Brown marble countertops complement a wide range of cabinet colors and styles. It can perfectly match cabinets with colors such as cream, gray, black, cherry, espresso, and maple among others.

If you install brown marble countertops in your kitchen, then selecting the right backsplash will be a great way to add a touch of class to the entire outlook and in the case, the choice of classic white wouldn’t be a bad idea. Hence, a tile in a bright marble such as Statuario marble or White Carrara Marble will be good enough just to add a contrasting look that is quite different from the color of the countertop.

A hardwood or light tile floor is a perfect for brown marble countertop in your kitchen. All kinds of wood finish pairs well with brown marble countertops. If you prefer to use tiles, then you can go with a hue of Taupe, cream or white. Make sure you get enough samples from your fabricator or supplier in order to hold the tile samples side by side the marble countertop so that you can select the most fitting color. This is the way you can select the best choice that looks good with the unique color of your brown marble countertop.

To cap it all up, you can employ the expertise of a professional home décor who can help you in making the best choices of backsplashes, cabinetry, floor tiles, and wall paint that will best suit your brown marble countertop whenever you need to set up your home or remodel your home.