Edge Profiles

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The countertops edge profile is just one of the many minimal details in the kitchen that would complete your entire décor. Making a smart decision can also have a great positive impact on the function of your countertops as well. The possibilities for countertop edge profiles for granite, marble, quartz or natural stone countertops are practically limitless.

If you prefer countertops that appear simple yet sleek or if your goal is to create a modern look, the square countertop edge profiles could be an ideal choice. Since, square profiles can be used on thin or thick natural stones. The straight edge is also known as one of the most basic and popular countertop edges. As the name indicates, it’s a squared edge style, with a slight bevel known as a chamfer. If you have chosen complex-patterned granite, the straight edge could create a contemporary look and softens the strong statement of that granite slab. There are also many different countertop edge profiles such as Beveled and Bullnose or other fancier edges that could will a final touch to your interior design projects. If you need help to make your decision about choosing your edge profile, you can review our gallery page at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops store to select best fit for your home improvement projects. Our detail oriented and customer centered team members are ready to provide a high quality assistance and a budget-friendly price range.