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White marble countertops are a top choice for homeowners as far as selecting kitchen countertop is concerned. White is clean, pristine, and a classic choice and as a result of the use of classic white marble as countertop is becoming popular and a regular sight you see these days in people’s home.

White marble countertop is a natural material with diverse variety, depending on your choice and how it is cut. It helps to create a lovely natural pattern in your home; a result which you might not get with other artificial materials. The many quality characteristics such as its resistance to stain, density, being non-porous, and durability makes white marble countertops a top choice any day any time. White marbles such as the Italian Calacatta and Statuario are of excellent qualities that make them suitable to be used in your kitchen as countertops.

The white marble countertops brightness of white marble is beautiful, inherently elegant, and its brightness cannot be matched by granite or other stone types. The value and beauty of white marble countertops ensures that when you use it in your home, it will add not just beauty to your home, but it will also add value to your overall home. The classic beauty of white marble countertops makes it a showstopper in your home as long as you take the necessary measures and steps to protect your marble from potential staining and scratching so that it can remain a beautiful focal point in your apartment for several years to come.

The color and special veining of marble has seen it become one of the most sought after natural stones. The beauty of marble stones come from the manner in which it is created; it is formed from either dolomite rock or limestone that is subjected to extreme pressure and heat. These conditions make the stone to transform in a way that creates the distinctive veining properties that define marble. Different veining patterns can be achieved with white marble and there are two main ways to achieve unique veining patterns, they are; Cross cut and Fleuri cut. These two ways of creating patterns on white marble will result in an open flowered pattern that will lead to the formation of different linear and striped appearance to beautify your white kitchen. Designers have used these two main methods of creating veining patterns to achieve fantastic and fascinating looks. Designers can also cross cut on the floor or vein cut on the wall.

Whenever you decide to set up your new home or remodel your existing home, the choice of white marble countertops will be a great deal that will add beauty and value to your home in the long run. You can contact professional home décor experts to get expert advice on how to effectively set up your home using white marble countertops.