White Marble Countertops

Throughout history, white marble has been the top choice, whether used as building materials, artwork, or simply countertops. With their elegant beauty, white marble countertops will breathe life into any room they are placed in. They are probably the first option that comes to mind regarding countertops. White marble countertops can be utilized with almost every kitchen style out there. Whether you use them to create a bright and airy space or want a contrast against other dark furniture, white marble countertops are the perfect option.

This post will closely examine white marble countertops and why they are so popular.

Reasons to Choose White Marble Countertops

White marble is a natural stone known for its natural beauty and elegance. Their natural qualities of luxury and sophistication make them one of the top choices. They are probably the classiest option with their fantastic veining and luminous shades of white. Various reasons make white marble countertops the perfect option for your kitchens or bathrooms. Let’s take a look at them to have a better idea.

  • Beauty: There is a reason some of history’s greatest artists preferred white marble for their creations. Whether it’s a sculpture, columns, or even bird baths, white marble gives stunning looks to anything it has been used. With their elegant looks, white marble countertops pair well with a wide range of kitchen styles. No matter which kind you have, modern or traditional, white marble countertops will fit perfectly. As you can see, among various types of marble, white marble is one of the most attractive options.
  • Unique: White marble is one of the most common types of marble out there. However, each slab of marble has its unique characteristics. With various types of white marble out there, the possibilities are almost endless. There surely won’t be any other countertop that looks exactly like yours. The beautiful veins will create an aesthetically pleasing look, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere only for you and your loved ones.
  • Durability: Note that your white marble countertops aren’t entirely immune to damage. It is essential to avoid hits around the edges and corners to prevent chipping. Also, dropping heavy objects can damage marble surfaces. On the other hand, marble countertops are pretty heat-resistant. Your marble countertops can endure daily heat sources. However, placing hot pots or pans can damage the sealant on the surface, leaving a permanent mark. Speaking of sealant, all marble kitchen countertops are sealed during installation. Since marble is a porous stone, spills can be absorbed, leading to permanent stains. The sealing process adds an extra layer that protects your countertops from spills and unwanted stains.
  • Versatile: White is a neutral color, which makes it easy to combine with other colors. You can match your white marble countertops with virtually any different color. Whether mid-century modern, contemporary, or traditional, a white marble countertop perfectly fits your style. The white marble reflects the light beautifully. You can use white marble countertops to make smaller rooms look bigger. Another great use of white marble countertops is that you can utilize them to accentuate other design elements or colors. Combining them with materials like wood or stones can create magical looks. They can be honed or polished for different looks that range from minimalism to classical elegance. No matter what style you prefer, there is a white marble countertop that fits perfectly into your décor.
  • Easy to Maintain: Like all natural stones, white marble is porous. Because of that, your white marble countertops are sealed during installation. Otherwise, liquids such as water, oil, or wine can seep into the pores, leaving permanent stains. The sealing layer on top of your countertops creates a barrier against spills. Wiping any spill instantly will keep your white marble countertops’ beauty.
  • Add Value to Your Home: Installing white marble countertops in your home is a great way to increase their value. New owners will love to see them since they are so popular and versatile. Marble surfaces last long when taken care of properly, so they will pay their worth over time. You will never have to look for another countertop.

How to Clean and Maintain White Marble Countertops?

You may have heard that the marble surfaces require lots of work. However, they are partially true. Since white marble countertops are the most luxurious and beautiful option, keeping their beauty just like day one is vital. The specific care they require is so minimal and easy. Using dish soap and warm water is enough for daily care. Simply apply them on the surface and wipe them with a microfiber cloth.

Since marble is composed of calcium carbonate, it is susceptible to etching by acidic substances. Acidic foods such as vinegar or lemon juice, or acidic cleaners can damage your white marble countertops over time. Also, you should refrain from using abrasive cleaners or sponges, which can potentially damage and dull the sealing or the finish of your countertops.

Remember always to use cutting boards when working on a marble countertop. Sharp objects like knives can damage your white marble countertops. Also, using placemats or coasters under plates and glasses can help you protect your marble surfaces.

Finally, it is essential to get your white marble countertops resealed regularly. The resealing periods depend on how much your marble countertops are affected by wear and tear. So busier kitchen countertops will require resealing faster. Generally speaking, most white marble countertops require resealing once every 1 or 2 years. Consult your manufacturer about the specific type of marble countertop’s resealing requirements. As you already know, sealing your countertops prevents stains, damage, and potential bacterial growth. So if you want to keep your marble countertops keep looking beautiful, keep them resealed.

What to Know about White Marble Countertops?
White kitchen countertops are definitely among the most popular in kitchen design. White marble kitchen countertops are a fantastic option for kitchens with low traffic. However, you should check out other materials if you have a busy kitchen.

Calacatta marble and its variations can be considered the best options depending on their popularity. Calacatta marble countertops feature a white background with grey and gold veining. Thanks to their elegant looks and rarity, they are definitely for high-end projects.

Marble is a porous natural stone, making it slightly higher maintenance than other materials. You will have to regularly clean and reseal your white marble countertops.

Since marble is a relatively soft and porous stone, it can stain easily. Liquids can seep into the pores, leading to permanent stains. Also, acidic liquids can cause etching, resulting in dull looks.
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