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Marble is a sedimentary rock that was used as a premier building material for countless of the most beautiful buildings throughout history. Ancient Greek statues, Renaissance Cathedrals, huge columns of Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris and Taj Mahal in India, all have great marble details. Marble is generally associated with luxury and tradition since it is durable and beautiful at the same time.

Marble and its cousins, Onyx, Travertine, Limestone and Jerusalem stone are all formed by combination of different elements such as silt, degenerated plants, animal skeletons, and seashells or organisms that have been accumulated and compressed together with the pressure of water mass or soil mass for millions and millions of years. Beside all these elements, it is also composed mostly of calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate). Calcite is considered as the main component that makes marble hard and durable, however it may not be as hard as granite.  Walking into a lobby clad in marble tiles makes everyone recognize an air of elegance and a legacy. Using marble for your home or business projects can also bring this same atmosphere into your place. Even though, white is a common and iconic color for marble, marbles are actually available in a large selection of colors and patterns. Considering different marble countertop colors that suits better to your decoration style or choosing the right size of marble slab countertop could make a big difference in the aspect of ambiance.  You can also select different marble tiles or trims, marble slabs, marble countertops, marble colors and textures or combine them all in unique ways in order to highlight any architectural project.