Green Marble

Marble is a sedimentary rock that is crystallized by metamorphism, which ranges from compact to granular in nature and Green Marble comes in different variations, from peacock green, which is a super dark and almost black hue look to Guatemala green, an exotic choice that has a deep color and delicate white veining. Hence, it is no surprise that this jewel-tone, luxury marble is gaining popularity.

Green marble countertops have a more formal appeal and are have a less neutral appearance compared to other shades of marble. Green marble is typically composed of charcoal, black, gray or white veins and looks beautiful with off-white or white accent colors.

Are you wondering how you can incorporate green marble into your home? You do not have to be worried, as there are various variations of green, form light green marble to dark green marble that give you a striking finish that will combine well with several colors of your other kitchen items from the cabinet to the tiles, and wall.

When you decide to go for green marble countertops in your home, make sure that the green color does not clash your accent colors, you can look for a tan, brown, beige or white vein in the marble and select a color that matches the vein. Darker and lighter shades of gray-green fits perfectly with green marble countertops and this will help you to create a green color scheme intact.

You can brighten up a green kitchen using a metallic bowl of bright yellow or cherry red apples or liven up a green bathroom with fuchsia soap pump, fuchsia candles, and white towels.

Incorporating marble in any part of your home adds beauty, elegance, and charm; although, it may come at a hefty price but you surely will get good value for every penny spent. If you are interested in having marble in your home, then green marble countertop will be a bold choice for your home. Besides, the use of green marble is gaining ground as it is one of the latest trend taking over the interior décor space. You can incorporate it in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room as well.

The bathroom is one part of the home where you can incorporate green marble bathroom countertops because the bathroom is an area where marble naturally fits in. In general, green marble seems to be getting attention of homeowners, as it keeps popping up everywhere in the home. From being used as coffee tables to kitchen counters, to flooring, to backsplashes and many more. This natural stone is well suitable for almost every area of the home, whether you want something bold or classic; green marble will be a top choice because of its versatility to work in almost any area of the home as long as it is properly and thoughtfully executed.

Hence, when you go for green marble in your home, make sure you have a well-planned design in order to add life to your home.