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Granite is a natural material found in nature. None of the granite countertops look a like. The infinite combination of granite colors and patterns give the decor its uniqueness. That is the reason what makes them so favorable. Although they are not mankind products, their durable nature prevents them from scratches, stains and heat.

Granite worktops are unique and stable elements of home design.  Unique characteristics of each item fulfills the expectations of different choices. A wide range of granite slabs offer project owners a variety of strong taste. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed deep within the mantle of the earth from molten lava. It is composed of elements of quartz, mica and feldspar in varying amounts. It is naturally hard, stain resistant and scorch resistant. The material is quarried in huge blocks then sliced into slabs. The granite slabs are then polished, some of the slabs surfaces are filled with a resin to smooth out the natural fissures and pits that occur. Slabs come in two varieties referred to as either speckled or flow patterns. These refer to the look of the material. Speckled materials have a more uniform look in terms of color and pattern while flow materials have a more varied appearance in terms of color and pattern. When a wide range of natural granite countertops colors meet with precise craftsmen, it leads to  superior results in kitchens and bathrooms. These quality items need to be served with a high quality design consultation. A well-trained, professional team should help customers maximize the benefits of granite countertop slabs. Bergen Marble and Granite with its approved experience, puts its customers in the first place and delivers them fine quality products and services with affordable prices.

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