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Quartzite is a natural stone that generally has bright color tones, undertones and deep long veins similar to marbles’ look. It’s a metamorphic rock that forms under intense heat and pressure with overtime and also resistant to many chemicals, extreme temperatures, scratching. It’s also quarried and cut into slabs just like marble or granite.

Since, quartzite slabs are ultra-strong and more durable compared to many other natural stone slabs, quartzite countertop and quartzite worktops have gained popularity as an ideal choice for interior design projects. Quartzite offers a bright and sophisticated look with crystalline sparkle. Quartzite slabs generally come in earth-toned shades, which are always versatile for any kind of renovation or remodeling projects. In fact, quartzite often owns very similar look to marble, but require way less maintenance when compared with. That’s why so many customers who adore the classy long veined look of marble countertops also fall in love with quartzite countertop colors. Make sure to browse and explore our beautiful online selection of quartzite colors at Bergen Marble and Granite store to select best fit for your home improvement projects. Our customer centered team and creative interior designers are always ready to provide a high quality service and a budget-friendly price range.