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Quartzite is a natural stone that often has a bright color, impressive undertones and deep long veins that create a marble-like look. It’s a metamorphic rock that forms under intense heat and pressure with overtime. One of the most prominent qualities of quartzite is its very high resistance to many chemicals, extreme temperatures, and scratching. It is also quarried and cut into slabs just like marble or granite. Since quartzite slabs are ultra-strong and more durable compared to many other natural stone slabs, quartzite countertop and quartzite worktops have gained popularity as an ideal choice for interior design projects, kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels. Quartzite offers a bright and sophisticated look with crystalline sparkle. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of quartzite colors. You can choose more earth-toned quartzite shades like Taj Mahal Quartzite, Storm Sand Quartzite, Platinum Quartzite or Chateau Blanc Quartzite to create a transitional kitchen or a rustic kitchen. You can pair these versatile slabs with pastel kitchen cabinets to create a harmonious and serene atmosphere in your home, or you can go for pairing earthy-toned quartzite with bold and vivid kitchen cabinets to achieve a more dramatic look. You can also find light-colored quartzite slabs, such as White Storm Quartzite, Bianco Superiero Quartzite, Calacatta Quartzite, Ice Flake Quartzite or Opus White Quartzite. These colors work very well with traditional and classic kitchens. By going for a lighter colored quartzite slab, you can make your kitchen appear bigger and feel more spacious. Also, you can pair lighter colored quartzite with raised panel kitchen counters or shaker style kitchen counters to create an inviting traditional kitchen. If you want a more elevated and sophisticated design, you should take a closer look at darker quartzite colors like Arizona Night Quartzite, Belvedere Quartzite or Full Moon Quartzite. These slabs complement modern kitchens and highlight the unique aspects of your kitchen design. You can go for a sleek and minimalistic design for your kitchen by incorporating darker colored quartzite slabs.

Quartzite offers a marble-like look: Intricate hues, elegant veins, beautiful colors and impressive swirls. If you adore the classy appearance of marble countertops, you will fall in love with quartzite countertops. Both being metamorphic rocks, quartzite and marble are almost identical in appearance but quartzite offers a significant set of benefits including improved durability and cost-efficiency. Due to their chemical differences, marble is soft but quartzite is very hard. That is why quartzite offers more durability and resistance to heat, scratches, chemicals and acid. If you want to make sure that your kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop looks as good as new even after decades, you should go for quartzite instead of marble. Offering a wide range of colors and hues, quartzite slabs highlight the natural beauty of big and small kitchens. You can create mesmerizing contemporary kitchens, inviting rustic kitchens, functional and beautiful kitchen islands using quartzite slabs. If you want to learn more about quartzite, granite, marble or quartz, feel free to get in touch! We offer free quote, free estimate, free 3d modelling and much more. Our customer-centered team and creative interior designers are always ready to provide high-quality service and a budget-friendly price range. If you need some inspiration for your kitchen remodels or home improvement project, take a closer look at our gorgeous quartzite slabs.