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Black marble countertops are really giving white marble countertops a run for its money. Although white marble countertops have ruled the world of kitchen design for several years in terms of how well it pairs well with different cabinetry colors, it is now having to compete with other finishes and black is one major color that’s been gaining ground so far.

Today, we now see homeowners use black marble countertops with black kitchen in their homes, and beyond just being used as countertops and backsplashes, they are also being used in other parts of the kitchen design as cabinets. Black marble countertops will set a glam tone in your kitchen and it will fit perfectly well with some brass fixtures.

Black marble countertop is suitable for modern spaces because of it’s sleekly and sophisticated look especially when it is paired with crisp white cabinets in your kitchen. It pairs well with bare wood cabinets that pop up everywhere with a black marble countertop and backsplash. Black marble countertops can also hang with rough-hewn, rustic, and drawer fronts and it also go full waterfall up in a space. If you prefer the farmhouse modern look, then you should go for black marble countertops. However, you need to choose the right materials to surround black marble as it can work well with any style of kitchen design.

Black marble surfaces also add gravitas to a colorful tile backsplash or wood shelves while an inky surface will also work in a traditional kitchen style. Black marble counters or work tops also have the ability to make your dishes shine, flowers glow, and linen pop whether you use a matte or glossy surface.

An interesting part of black marble countertops is that it has all the loveliness that you can get from using its lighter counterparts, it doesn’t get stained easily, and it is a great way in which you can add character and class to your space. Black marble countertops look luxurious when they are paired with metallic.

Another added advantage you will get when you use black marble countertop is that, it requires less maintenance with soapstone and it is less expensive. Black marble countertops can easily conceal stains, and as a result of this it might not necessarily require sealing when you install it in your home. 

Marble countertops are one of the choices you can go with when you are working on a lean budget, this is because it is less expensive compared to quartz. The value it adds to your home over time even makes it a good economic option whenever you wish to set up your home or remodel your home.

It will be a good idea to contact professional home décor expert at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops to get recommendations whenever you decide to remodel your home by installing countertops. We will help you make the right choices that will make your home beautiful and would also last a lifetime.