Dekton Countertops

Dekton Advantages

Dekton is famous for employing high tech processes in order to produce high quality, modern and exclusive countertops.
Abrasion Resistant
Scratch & Impact Resistant
Water & Stain Resistant
Extreme Temperature and Fire Resistant
UV-Ray Resistant

Moreover, this brand is the pioneer of a whole new product category called ultracompact surfaces. Also known as Ultraology, ultra-compaction process of Cosentino Dekton makes it possible to produce surfaces of a size and thinness that was considered impossible in the past. Dekton countertops offer a refined blend of the raw materials such as quartz, porcelain and glass. They come in three different thicknesses from 8 mm to 30 mm, as a result you can create unique and stylish living spaces using Dekton slabs.

Dekton Colors

Futuristic technology processes and rare colors make Dekton ultra compact countertop very unique. As a result, you can create one-of-a-kind designs using Cosentino Dekton colors. If you’d like to learn more about Dekton countertop colours, browse our catalogue and take a closer look at our Dekton natural applications.

Dekton Radium

Radium Dekton offers a fresh take on industrial aesthetics while successfully combining rusty colors of acid degraded steel plates. In order to highlight the beauty of dark brown, Dekton has warm orange and brown swirls. You can incorporate this monumental beauty into your unique and bold bathroom or kitchen designs.

Dekton Taga

Designed by the best, Dekton Taga countertop will bring the grandeur and might of the great Taj Mahal to your home. Offering a fresh and contemporary adaptation of the beauty of natural stone, Taga quartz has a soft, warm and creamy base color and subtle yet elegant veins.

Dekton Olimpo

With cool and light hues, Olimpo Dekton has an upscale and dramatic look. Mimicking the best qualities of the Italian Carrara marble, Dekton’s Olimpo quartz has an elegant polish and eye-catching texture which will highlight the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom.

Dekton Tundra

Inspired by calm and collected atmosphere of Arctic climate, Dekton Tundra countertop has a refreshing look and clean, white color that will instantly add sophistication to your kitchen. You can pair Tundra quartz with cool blues or dark, mysterious tones to create a unique interior design.

Dekton Natura

Dekton Natura18 brings warm, creamy tones and cool, gray veins together to offer the quintessential marble look while bringing the improved durability and high resistance of quartz mineral to the table. You can create characteristic, cool and modern spaces using Dekton Natura18 countertop.

Dekton Arga

Dekton Arga countertop is a popular color option from Stonika XGloss Collection. The idea behind this majestic quartz countertop is to bring the might and stellar beauty of Taj Mahal to your living space. If you desire to create a regal and sophisticated kitchen, Arga countertop is what you need.

Dekton Opera

Dekton Opera countertop offers an exceptional, light and warm hue enrichened by the light gray, elegant veins. Deriving its inspiration from the world-famous Italian Carrara marble, Dekton Opera quartz has an upscale, polished look that goes very well with elegant kitchen or bathroom designs.

Dekton Aura

Aura15 is one of the most popular colors in Dekton’s Natural Collection. Designed to offer a better and much more sustainable alternative to the natural marble, Dekton’s Aura countertop can do everything the traditional marble can while offering significantly better resistance and improved durability.

Dekton Entzo

Dekton Entzo has an upscale look with its white color and golden veins. Inspired by the elegance and versatility of the marble, Entzo quartz has a lot to offer. You can incorporate Entzo countertop into your modern designs or opt for this beautiful slab to have a statement piece in your kitchen.

Dekton Bergen

Bergen countertop has a cool, light hue and gray veins that mimics the natural beauty of famous Italian marbles. If you are looking for a countertop that offers the allure and elegance of the marble while being much more resistant to UV lights, heat and scratches, Dekton’s Bergen quartz is just what you need.

Dekton Kelya

Dark in color, Kelya Dekton has a somber and mysterious look that will mesmerize you instantly. Inspired by the collected and charismatic appearance of black marble, Dekton Kelya countertop offers the durability, low maintenance and high resistance of the quartz surfaces. You can incorporate Kelya quartz into your modern and minimalistic designs to add some character.

Dekton Trilium

Part of Dekton’s Industrial Collection, Trilium countertop has a rich texture and saturated, dark colors that adds depth and character to the natural beauty of the quartz. Deriving its inspiration from the industrialized charm of oxidized steel, Trilium countertop will give a charismatic charm to your living space.

With Dekton by Cosentino, the future is today. High scratch-resistance, high UV resistance, color stability and dimensional stability of Dekton stone introduces endless possibilities. If you’d like to learn more about Dekton ultra compact surface, Dekton fabricators and unprecedented Dekton applications, please see our catalogues. If you wish to learn Dekton countertop prices, feel free to contact us to get a quote.

Cutting Edge Technology

Dekton is known for being fearless and revolutionary, that is why Dekton countertops are for the bold and brave. If you are after creating edgy, practical and eye-catching living spaces, Dekton products are what you need. Very quick to adapt to change, Dekton has always been the first to employ newest technology in order to create unprecedented solutions. That is why you can find some of the thinnest slabs, richest textures and most durable countertops at Dekton. Employing ultra-compaction technology, Dekton can produce unusually large slabs while ensuring very high mechanical, hydrolysis, heat, fire, abrasion, ice, stain, UV and scratch resistance. As an authorized distributor, Bergen Cabinets & Countertops offers unique applications and best Dekton price per square foot. If you’d like to learn more or get a quote, feel free to contact us. You can get inspired by some of our unprecedented Dekton applications.

Dekton produces some of the highest-quality quartz countertops in the kitchen design industry. The brand’s countertop prices are also significantly less expensive than granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite while retaining very high durability and resistance to potential environmental damages.
Dekton countertops are highly resistant to chipping as the resin used in the material’s mixture gives it flexibility and durability.
Dekton countertops can be curved and worked to come in all sorts of shapes. You can custom order Dekton countertops from professionals to suit any of your decoration needs.
Dekton countertops are exceptionally resistant to heat. The brand’s manufacturer, Cosentino, states that their countertops are fireproof. You can safely place your hot kitchenware on Dekton countertops.
You can clean your Dekton countertops with daily hygiene products. We suggest you use a surface-friendly sponge along with soap and warm water on a regular basis to clean your Dekton countertops. This will preserve the quality of your countertops and enhance their lifetime.
Dekton countertops are available in four thickness levels. There are 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm thickness options.
Dekton countertops are made from a sophisticated blend of raw materials that include high-quality glass and porcelain. Dekton produces some of the best quality quartz countertops.
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