Kitchen Process

1-Booking And Measurement

Prior to the design, you will either need to schedule a measurement through the “MEASUREMENT” tab in our website or you can also measure your kitchen by yourself and share the information with us. Depending on the location of the work area, our measurement and survey service is free (You can see the conditions in “Measurement” tab).

     Tip :   If you would like measure your own kitchen, we would like to highlight some points that you should keep in mind:

  • To begin with, in the measurement process, you should consider not only your existing cabinets, but the whole area.
  • If you would like to measure the working are more precisely, you should first neglect your existing cabinets and prepare a lay-out.
  • Wall lengths are the fundamental components of any lay-out. These lengths can be actual wall lengths or the lengths of the walls that you would like to make.
  • Another fundamental component is ceiling height. You should measure your height from floor to the ceiling. (Keep in mind the obstacles such as soffits and beams)
  • In the lay-out, you should place room elements such as windows, doors, openings, gas line, sink pipes. For example, when you are locating your window on the lay-out, you should first measure your window length from start of the frame to the end of the frame. After that you should measure relative distances (e.g., end of the window frame to the corner.)
  • If you have any obstacle in your kitchen (e.g., soffits, beams, columns, pipes etc.), you
    should place them on your lay-out with dimensions.


After the survey process, our designer will design your kitchen commensurate with your dimensions via 3-D design programs. Prior to the design, you can inform our designer about the style or the color of the cabinets that you would like to have in your kitchen. You can visit our showroom to have more detailed information about styles and work on the design with a designer or you can carry-out the process via e-mail.


After the agreement on the design, our designers will give you a quote (on paper or in e-mail). You can have different quotes based on the same design but with different styles or colors. You are going to be able to see every price separately.

4-Contract And Ordering

After the agreement on the design and price, we need to sign a contract to legalize the purchase and then move to the next step. The details on the contract are going to be explained prior to the signature. In order to initiate the ordering process, we need to collect a certain fraction of the total amount on the contract. After the ordering process, your cabinets will be manufactured. Manufacturing time depends on the manufacturing company and the size of the order.


You are going to be informed in advance about the possible delivery times by one of our sales representatives via phone or e-mail. According to your availability, our representatives are going to schedule your delivery time. You need to close your balance on the cabinet contract at the delivery day.


We are going to offer you our cabinets installation services at the time of quoting. If you would like to have our installation services, we will gladly carry-out the job. You can also work with your own contractor and provide only the material from us. In this case, our designers will deliver you the plans of the design and will assist you or your contractor to complete the process. If you choose to proceed with us for the installation service, the cost will be determined accordingly to the size of the project and will be calculated seperately from the material/cabinets cost. 

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