Color Theme Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen

Color is an essential core element when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. The color palette you select for your kitchen ends up defining the main theme as a whole. Thus, it is very important to make the right decisions when pairing color schemes of various units of your kitchen. Do you go for classic full-white kitchens reminiscent of the homes we grew up in? Do you opt for a sleek look with black kitchens to reflect your modern style? Or do you want to reach out for something more unique and desirable with exotic color palettes such as purple, red, and gold? These are only a few of the options that you may come to answer in your search for the perfect color theme for your dream kitchen.

Even though you might know what you prefer when it comes to your favorite colors you may be overwhelmed when introduced to a wide spectrum of color, shade, hue, and tone options for your kitchen. On top of that, the material of your kitchen furniture also defines the color range of your kitchen. For instance, granite and marble favor both natural color hues, whilst, quartz can go for far more opaque color options. For kitchen cabinets, the same can be said if you are opting for solid-wood kitchen cabinets. That’s why it is important to pre-plan your kitchen design. While we can gladly assist you in regards to this through our free showroom appointment with no obligation to purchase, you can also get an idea of what you might like through the blog post we prepared for you below!

blue italian star granite

The first things that come to mind when determining the overall atmosphere of your kitchen are the dimensions and space of your kitchen. How big or small is your kitchen? Does your kitchen take a lot of natural light? Are the surrounding details and furniture already determining the tone? To answer all of these questions and more we will provide you with a set of different theme examples. To further ease your selection process we separated our blog post to kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and finally to a combination of both of them together with exotic selections.

stylish kitchen countertops

Classic and Modern Kitchen Cabinets to Highlight Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most prominent elements in your kitchen and they equally determine the tone. Shaker cabinets are undoubtedly very popular and we see increasing variation to their color scheme every day. We would suggest selecting popular and trusted brands when it comes to your kitchen color selection as they will last for a long time with no worries for their durability, flexibility, or utility.

white kitchen shaker cabinets

We start with everyone’s favorite; white kitchen cabinets. For these, we can check Fabuwood cabinets with their stylistic designs that are worthy to adorn any home’s kitchen. Fabuwood Cabinets offer a variety of white kitchen cabinets and we suggest checking out their Allure series with their Galaxy Frost, Vista Blanc, and Nexus Frost selections for the best white tones.

fabuwood white kitchen cabinets

If you are after something more contemporary you can’t go wrong with black kitchen cabinets. Alusso Cabinets is a highly coveted brand that emphasizes unique patterns. We will also cover their more exotic options below in our post, but for black, you must definitely check out their Prime Black series kitchen cabinets. Its deep black hues will ensure you attain that modern look you are going for.

alusso prime black kitchen

Blue kitchen cabinets are another solid option if you are looking for royal and maritime vibes in your kitchen. St. Martin Cabinets is one of the best and highest-quality brands when it comes to blue themes kitchen cabinets. Their Oceana Blue, Midnight Blue, and Blue Slate color options are perfect for any kitchen that is aiming for a blue theme.

st martin blue kitchen style

Modern and Bold Kitchen Countertops

Now, this is one of our favorite sections: kitchen countertops. Kitchen countertops bring an unparalleled amount of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen. There are many options to consider when it comes to them, however, we will be covering granite, marble and quartzite countertops in this blog post. This is due to them having very complex natural veining and their wide natural color range.

honed belvedere marble

Let’s start with blue kitchen countertops. First and foremost, it is important to note that when we say blue, we mainly suggest having blue tones rather than full-blue countertops as tones complement our kitchens’ overall themes much better. This color’s material can vary in terms of what you want when it comes to both marble and granite countertops.

For blue marble countertops, we suggest you have a look at Aurora Blue Quartzite as it will nicely blend in with white details and maritime cabinets. For blue granite countertops, you can check Blue Agatha and Volga Blue options if you require darker tones with majestic veining.

aurora blue quartzite

Talking about majestic veining, we have black granite countertops and black marble countertops next up. A timeless color for many of us, black will bring a pretty modern vibe to your kitchens. Black granite countertops are represented firmly with their Emperor Black variation, whilst black marble countertops shine through enigmatic selections such as Titanium Black, Black Galaxy, and Cosmic Sky. As an extra addition, we suggest you take a look at grey granite countertops with the Steel Grey and Titanium Leather options.

Rich and Complex Selections to Radiate Your Vibe

Truly remarkable kitchen themes are sometimes created with the most exotic materials. It is also important to make sure that these materials are used in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Thus, both the selection of kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets comes into play to create a distinct vibe.

Our selection of kitchen cabinet brands when it comes to creating an exotic theme is Alusso cabinets once again. They have many unique patterns in their series such as Natura, Inspiration, and Prime. Their Natura series offers a classy choice with Matrix Vintage. Inspiration series stands out with bold selections such as Aspen Oak and Amacfi. Lastly, their Prime series presents primal tones with Natural Cement and Brown Cement, with their urban jungle patterns.

alusso kitchen spiagga

To accompany Alusso cabinets comes gold granite, purple marble, and exotic quartzite options. For dazzling golden options, we can point you towards Magma Gold, Victoria Gold, and Typhoon Gold granite countertops. Purple marble countertops are harder to come but they are absolutely fascinating. Afyon Sugar Pink is going to be a delicacy for your kitchen’s atmosphere. Last, but not least for quartzite countertops, Full Moon will be one of the if not the best selection for exotic themes.

If these colors evoke your inner desire for luxury then you are on the right path for checking out our selections. All of these kitchen countertop options are fascinatingly beautiful and will ensure that your kitchen looks like none others.

On a final note, if you want to check for something truly modern we most definitely suggest you take a look at Dekton countertops as well. Their quartz countertops are of top-notch quality in terms of design and durability. Part of their Industrial Collection, Dekton Trilium quartz countertop has been one of the best-reviewed items of 2020’s kitchen showroom exhibitions and we believe you will fall in love with it as well.

dekton trilium countertop

This is the end of our blog post for “Color Theme Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen”!

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