Gold Marble Countertops

It is no secret that marble is a highly sought-after material for countertops. Their natural beauty is unmatched and will definitely elevate any space they are installed. Gold marble countertops are one of the most popular marble countertops. The subtle shades of gold will add elegance to your kitchen or bathroom.

What Makes Gold Marble Countertops Popular?

Gold marble countertops are fantastic design elements because of their many aspects. Whether their striking goods or durability, they are one of the best you can get. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes them so desired.

  • Durability: As with all marbles, gold marble types are hard and dense, which means your countertops are going to be durable and heat resistant. However, they are not completely immune to damage. We highly recommend avoiding any hits around the edges and corners to prevent chipping. Also, using heat pads or trivets is highly advised. While your marble is heat resistant, the sealant on the surface might get damaged with the heat.
  • Beauty: Marble is undoubtedly one of the most elegant natural stones and will provide a timeless look in your kitchens or bathrooms. Gold marble countertops look elegant and add a touch of luxury. Gold marble countertops generally have white or creamy-white backgrounds adorned with bold grey veining and gold colors. Since every marble slab is unique, your countertops will have a unique look just for you. There will never be the same anywhere else. There are various finishes for marble countertops. Whether you pick honed or polished finishes, they will make your spaces look beautiful.
  • Versatile: Gold marble countertops are easy to design with. Their beautiful white backgrounds allow them to be used in various kitchen styles. They can virtually be used in any other color, making the possibilities infinite.
  • Easy to Maintain: As all-natural stones, marble has a porous structure. Liquids like water, oil, or wine can seep into these pores, resulting in permanent stains or bacterial growth. Don’t worry, though; your gold marble countertops are going to be sealed during installation to prevent this. The sealant creates a protective layer on your countertop, making it easy to maintain. Using soap and a wet cloth is enough to clean your gold marble countertops. We highly recommend avoiding acidic cleaners since they can cause damage to the protective surface.
  • Add Value to Your Home: Since marble countertops are quite popular, installing them in your home makes things easier during a sale. Potential buyers will be pleased to see gold marble countertops. Thanks to their beauty and versatility, new owners can easily use them with their home design. So, gold marble countertops are a great way to invest in your home.

Gold Marble Countertop Maintenance and Care

  • Since marble surfaces are prone to etching, avoiding sharp objects like knives or acidic substances is essential. Don’t be alarmed; the sealing on the surface will protect your surfaces. Just remember to wipe any spills immediately. It is also important to any acidic cleaners on marble countertops. Acid can burn through the surface, causing a dull and bland look on your countertops.
  • Resealing your gold marble countertops is important. Your countertops will be sealed during installation, and depending on your kitchen traffic, resealing needs to be done. Generally speaking, resealing annually is enough.
  • Finally, marble is a dense stone which makes it prone to chipping. Dropping heavy objects on your countertops can cause chipping, so it is best to be careful.
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