Blue Marble

Blue marble is quarried in several countries across the world, some of these countries include Brazil, India, Turkey, China, Argentina, and Kenya among others. Blue marble countertops are strong, durable, and fit into almost all kinds of kitchen interior design creating a beautiful and luxury look in the house. It has different variations of shades and color from sky blue marble to deep dark blue marble and thus allows homeowners to create different design through the combination of the right and matching variations.

Blue marble countertops offer an exclusive look in the kitchen and creates a stunning finish as well. Due to its unique appearance, its veining and color may differ distinctively from slab to slab. It comes in both coarse-grained and medium-grained structure, multiple streaks of blue, and the veins may be slightly wavy or curvy which gives the marble its unique look.

Blue marble countertops are known to give kitchens a graceful and truly refined look. When it is properly polished, the shiny surface can be used in contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Some blue marble countertops have gold or beige shades which makes it a perfect match and ideal in Mediterranean and rustic kitchen designs. Blue marble comes in different shades such as light blue, sky blue, light blue, dark blue, and navy blue among others. These shades of blue give home décor experts a whole lot of options to choose from depending on taste and preferences. It comes in different types such as sandy blue marble and river blue marble countertops.

Blue marble countertops work well in both your kitchen and bathroom because it will give your space an exclusive look. Blue marble countertops pair well with gray, white, and black gold cabinets. You can easily combine white cabinets with blue marble countertop to give a striking beauty in your kitchen.

You can also design a blue kitchen where you blend a blue marble countertop with ribbons of gold and cream with a cream or gold-tone flooring tile. The whole idea is to match the dominant countertop color or one of its secondary colors with a wall or floor tile that is similar in hue.

Blue marble countertops are durable, beautiful, easy to maintain, and adds value to your home. Installing it in your home is a way of investing and also adding beauty and class to your home.

The choice of blue marble countertops in your home is a top option and a way to make a bold statement whether you are remodeling your home or setting up a new home. It will be wise to consult professional home décor specialist who can offer expert recommendation.

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