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Fabuwood offers a wide variety of cabinet styles and shades. They produce three categories of cabinetry collections; the Allure Series, Classic Series, and Value Series. Whether you need to set up a new kitchen or you need to remodel your bathroom or kitchen you will get the best in durability, style, and price from Fabuwood.

Fabuwood is your home of affordable and quality cabinets that are well-designed to fit your home space. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with the latest style of well-crafted cabinets, all you need in terms of design, color, and sizes are all available from the variety of cabinets manufactured by Fabuwood.

Fabuwood cabinets are designed to enhance your home and life with maximum comfort that you desire. Fabuwood believes there are 12 major qualities that cabinets should possess and to meet these requirements, they have put in place measures to ensure that only first class products devoid of any form of irregularities leave our plant.

Fabuwood produces high standard and high-end cabinets that will not only beautify your home but will also last several years. Their quality assurance unit makes sure that rigorous inspection is carried out to certify that all cabinets coming from Fabuwood nothing short of the best quality in order to give your home a feeling of class and coolness.

Whether you need to set up your new bathroom or kitchen cabinets or whether you intend to refurbish what is on ground, Fabuwood offers all that you may need so that you can get the best tailored made cabinet that suits your home and taste. Think of quality, think of Fabuwood range of products for your home

1. Measure

Either you can schedule a Free In-Home Measurement by clicking or you can measure your kitchen by yourself and share the information with us. If you need further help, please check the tips on our process page or contact us at 201-313-2160.

2. Find Your Style
You can discuss with one of our experienced designers about style or the color of the cabinets that you would like to have in your kitchen to check our kitchen cabinet selection live and work with one of our designer side by side.
3. Free 3D Design
After in-home survey process, our designer will offer you a various options commensurate with your dimensions via Free 3D Design Virtual Reality.
4. Install & Enjoy
If you don't have an installer, we would gladly offer you our installation services, or you can proceed with your own contractor.
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You can add your layout, plan or kitchen photos.

Our designers can help you to identify your style, color and product materials within your budget. We will contact you within 24 hours as soon as we get your information.