Which Materials Are Suitable for Outdoor Countertops?

Outdoor Countertops

Having an outdoor kitchen is fancy, but there are many things to consider to be able to have a well-functioning and easy-to-maintain outdoor kitchen. Cabinet and countertop picks are critical as their materials should perfectly meet some requirements to ensure longevity. 

Today, we will be talking about ideal outdoor countertop materials to help you make an informed decision and ease the burden on your shoulders. Keep reading to discover countertop materials suitable for outdoor use. 

Granite Kitchen Countertops 

Granite stands out with its strength, durability, longevity, and timeless beauty regarding countertop picks. Also, granite is an excellent countertop choice for outdoor use. But why? Let’s clarify the reasons that make granite a great outdoor countertop selection: 

Why Granite is an Excellent Outdoor Countertop Material?

  • Durability: Granite is a hard stone, providing it with extreme durability. This feature makes granite suitable even for heavy use and outdoor conditions. Besides, granite offers longevity, meaning you will be using your granite countertops for years to come while preserving its strength and beautiful look. 
  • Heat Resistance:  What is excellent about granite countertops is their extreme heat resistance. Even placing hot items on granite kitchen countertops is not a problem. Excellent heat resistance is a must when outdoor conditions are considered – which is perfectly provided by granite countertops. 
  • UV Resistance: UV lights are a huge danger for outdoor countertops because they can cause discoloration on the surface. Granite’s UV resistance is another essential quality that makes it suitable for outdoor use because sun exposure will not be a problem for granite outdoor countertops. 
  • Timeless Beauty: Although strength, longevity, and resistance are the most vital qualities that make granite an outstanding outdoor countertop material, its unique beauty is another great factor that attracts many. Granite never gets old because its beauty is timeless. Moreover, granite is a versatile material that is suitable for many different designs. Accordingly, you can create the style you want to have for your outdoor kitchen with granite countertops. 

What to Keep in Mind about Granite Countertops? 

  • Cleaning and Care: Whether used for indoor or outdoor kitchens, granite countertops require adequate cleaning and care routines. Granite is a natural stone with a porous surface, making annual sealing a must. This way, you can protect your granite countertops from many kinds of damage, like liquid absorption, discoloration, permanent stains, bacterial growth, scratches, and more. Additionally, you should keep your granite countertops clean with nonabrasive materials. Using a soft cloth, mild soap, and clean water is all you need for regular granite countertop cleaning. 

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Quartzite’s strength and UV resistance are excellent qualities, making it a perfect outdoor kitchen countertop. Here are all the great quartzite features, explaining why you should utilize them as outdoor countertops. 

Why Quartzite is an Excellent Outdoor Countertop Material?

Quartzite’s unique beauty, strength, and resistance make it one of the best countertop materials. Thanks to all these qualities, it is also a great option to be utilized as an outdoor kitchen countertop. 

  • Durability: Along with granite, quartzite is another natural stone with incredible strength and durability – essential for outdoor countertops. Thanks to their durability, quartzite countertops ensure longevity once they are appropriately maintained. 
  • UV Resistance: UV resistance is probably the most important quality of quartzite countertops. Even direct sunlight does not cause discoloration on quartzite countertops, making them a great outdoor countertop pick.
  • Heat Resistance: Another quality shared with granite and quartzite countertops is their heat resistance. The formation process of quartzite makes it highly resistant to heat. Accordingly, quartzite countertops are suitable for both heavy use and outdoor kitchens. 
  • Elegance: Although quartzite colors are limited, it has unique hues and patterns, representing elegance and luxury. You can have an elegant and classy look in your outdoor kitchen with quartzite countertops. 

What to Keep in Mind about Quartzite Countertops? 

  • Cleaning and Care: Although quartzite is less porous than granite, it still requires regular sealing, like granite. Accordingly, the same rules should be applied to quartzite countertops to ensure longevity and functionality for quartzite outdoor countertops. Hence, you can keep your quartzite countertops well-maintained with annual sealing and regular cleaning.

Which Countertop Materials Are Not Suitable for Outdoor Use? 

  • Marble: Although marble has UV resistance, it is not actually suitable for outdoor use because it is a soft stone, making it less durable than granite and quartzite. Besides, marble is a high-maintenance stone – another reason why it is unsuitable for outdoor use. 
  • Quartz: Quartz is a manufactured stone, including resin, which is vulnerable to heat and sunlight. This is precisely why quartz is never recommended as outdoor countertops. However, quartz countertops are perfect choices for indoor use because they require no maintenance and are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for many designs.  

As Bergen Marble and Granite, we provide a rich collection of the finest quality outdoor kitchen countertops, including granite and quartzite. Reach out to learn more about outdoor countertops and get help to create your dream outdoor kitchen with our high-quality products and well-experienced services for affordable prices. 

Popular Questions About Outdoor Countertops 

What is best for outdoor countertops?

Quartzite and granite are great natural stones, suitable for outdoor kitchen countertops, thanks to their strength, resistance, longevity, and beautiful looks. 

What is the best outdoor countertop in cold climates?

Concrete and soapstone countertops are also great in withstanding cold climates, along with granite and quartzite. 

What is the most resistant countertop?

Quartzite is the most resistant countertop as it can withstand heat and UV lights perfectly. Quartzite is followed by granite with its extreme durability. 

How do I protect my outdoor countertops?

Annual maintenance is required for natural outdoor countertops to prevent damage, like discoloration, liquid absorption, permanent stains, and more. Also, you should regularly clean your outdoor countertops with nonabrasive cleaners, especially when they are natural stones. 

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