What Really is Fantasy Brown?

fantasy brown

Fantasy Brown is a natural stone known by many other names, like Mascavo, Canyon Dawn, Fantasy Brown Granite, Fantasy Brown Marble, Fantasy Brown Quartzite, and Fantasy Brown Dolamite. As some of these names show, there is confusion regarding what type of stone Fantasy Brown is. Actually, the misconception of Fantasy Brown is understandable as Fantasy Brown has distinctive features, making it hard to define a precise categorization for the stone. 

Today, we will do our best to solve this confusion about Fantasy Brown, but more importantly, talk about all the other reasons that make this beautiful stone famous and favorable. So, keep reading to discover the unique qualities of Fantasy Brown so that you can make your decision about whether you want to use Fantasy Brown as an element of your design project.  

Fantasy Brown Features 

The primary reason why there is confusion regarding Fantasy Brown is that it carries all the great features of natural stones being talked about. Fantasy Brown is durable and resistant like granite and quartzite and luxurious like marble. However, Fantasy Brown is neither granite nor quartzite. It is reminiscent of marble – a sedimentary rock formed from limestone. Fantasy Brown contains a high concentration of calcium carbonate, just like marble. But Fantasy Brown is harder than regular marble because of the dolomitization process that it went through. That is precisely why Fantasy Brown is called “hard marble” or “dolomite marble.” 

In light of these, although the term Fantasy Brown Granite is understandable because of the hardness and durability of Fantasy Brown, it is technically incorrect. However, the categorization of Fantasy Brown is not the real issue here because everyone in the field knows what you are talking about when you say Fantasy Brown – a beautiful and resistant natural material that has many areas of application in both commercial and residential design projects. 

Now, let’s mention some other information about Fantast Brown Marble before detailing its benefits. First of all, Fantasy Brown Marble is quarried in Rajasthan – Northern India. The stone has a wide array of colors, including brown, cream, white, and gray, with pewter, apricot, and chestnut hue patterns. As a natural stone, each Fantasy Brown Marble slab has distinctive patterns and color combinations, making each slab a one-of-a-kind. Fantasy Brown is commonly available in brushed and polished finishes, while the latter is the most famous, giving the stone a fantastic sheen. There is also Fantasy Brown with an honed finish, though it is rare. 

Finally, Fantasy Brown has many areas of use, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, shower walls, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, and more. 

Advantages of Fantasy Brown 

There are numerous reasons behind the unshakable popularity of Fantasy Brown. Below, we have listed the essential ones for you: 

  • Peerless Beauty: Fantasy Brown Marble is one of the most favored stones for elegance and a luxurious look. The warm and neutral hues of Fantasy Brown attract homeowners as the stone brings unmatched beauty wherever it is used. Moreover, since each Fantasy Brown slab has unique shades and patterns, no other Fantasy Brown slab will be equivalent to another. 
  • High Durability: While talking about marble, durability and resistance are not the qualities that come to our minds. However, this is not the case for Fantasy Brown. Thanks to its formation process, Fantasy Brown becomes a hard marble that is durable and resistant enough to ensure longevity. 
  • Resale Value: What is excellent about marble, in general, is that it is a wise investment, thanks to its luxurious beauty. If you see your house as a future investment, note that Fantasy Brown Marble will add value to it as it attracts potential buyers with its peerless look and durability. 
  • Suitable for Many Designs: Thanks to its versatile color palette, Fantasy Brown Marble will be a great pick for many different designs, from modern to rustic. For instance, let’s think about using Fantasy Brown Marble as a countertop material. You can create a modern and sleek look in your kitchen by matching your Fantasy Brown Marble countertops with white cabinets. Or, you can use your Fantasy Brown kitchen countertops with oak kitchen cabinets to have a rustic kitchen. 

What to Consider Before Your Purchase?

If you are thinking about giving a place to Fantasy Brown Marble in your design, you should be well aware of its potential downsides to be able to make an informed decision. 

  • Cleaning and Care: As a soft stone, Fantast Brown Marble has a porous surface, making it vulnerable to some kinds of damage, like bacterial growth, discoloration, stains, and more. You should be committed to appropriate cleaning and care to prevent such risks and ensure your Fantasy Brown’s longevity and beauty. 

Regarding maintenance, Fantasy Brown requires annual sealing to prevent the abovementioned risks. Additionally, you should avoid putting hot items over the surface of your stone. When it comes to cleaning, you should always use nonabrasive cleaners to protect your stone. Mild soap, soft cloth, and clean water are all you need to clean your Fantasy Brown. Plus, you should wipe out the spills immediately to prevent permanent stains. 

All in all, although there are misconceptions about Fantasy Brown, what is well-known by all is its fame, coming from its unique beauty, resistance, versatility, and durability. Wherever you use your Fantasy Brown Marble, you will always be mesmerized by its elegance. 

Popular Questions about Fantasy Brown

Is Fantasy Brown still popular?

Fantasy Brown is a top-rated natural stone among homeowners, thanks to its beautiful color combinations and patterns, as well as its resistance and durability. 

Is Fantasy Brown granite?

Naming Fantasy Brown as granite is technically wrong, but it is understandable because Fantasy Brown is as durable as granite. However, Fantasy Brown is categorized as marble. 

What color cabinets go well with Fantasy Brown? 

There are many kitchen cabinet colors to match Fantasy Brown kitchen countertops because it has a rich color palette. For instance, you can use wood kitchen cabinets with Fantasy Brown kitchen countertops for a warm and natural atmosphere in your kitchen. If you are after a contemporary look in your kitchen, you can prefer dark kitchen cabinets to match Fantasy Brown Marble countertops. 

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