Luna Pearl Granite

Luna Pearl Granite

Granite is an all-time favorite for a reason – more precisely, for many reasons! Strength, natural beauty, unique appearance, resistance, versatility, and more make granite an excellent material for homeowners and interior designers. 

Many different granite types have unique patterns and color combinations, making the stone suitable for various designs. Luna Pearl is a great example that represents granite’s extreme strength and peerless beauty. 

Today, we will talk about this beautiful Luna Pearl Granite and clarify why it is so popular. Keep reading to discover all the unique properties of Luna Pearl Granite so that you can make an informed decision whether it is the one that will perfectly complement your design. 

Luna Pearl Granite Features 

Quarried in Spain, Luna Pearl Granite has a white background with black, brown, cream, and gray specks. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications for residential and commercial projects, it is widely utilized as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, walls, flooring, table tops, and more. The available finish option for Luna Pearl Granite is polished, giving the stone a sheen look. 

Advantages of Luna Pearl Granite 

Below, you will find the list explaining the main reasons why Luna Pearl Granite is a favorable material preferred by many: 

  • Durability and Resistance: As a hard stone, granite is extremely durable and resistant, ensuring longevity when the stone is appropriately maintained. As a granite stone, the same applies to Luna Pearl, too. Accordingly, your Luna Pearl Granite will perfectly resist heat, UV lights, stains, scratches, and more. These qualities make Luna Pearl Granite suitable for high-traffic areas and outdoor use. 
  • Versatility: Luna Pearl Granite has many application areas for residential and commercial projects. Moreover, thanks to its unique hues and patterns, Luna Pearl is suitable for various designs. For instance, suppose you utilize your Luna Pearl as a countertop material. From traditional to modern kitchen designs, your Luna Pearl Granite countertops will be a perfect fit once matched with suitable colors and materials. 
  • Natural Beauty: If you adore natural beauty, you will fall in love with Luna Pearl. Besides, each Luna Pearl Granite slab is different from another, making every single slab one-of-a-kind. 
  • Resale Value: Do you consider your house as a future investment? If so, Luna Pearl Granite is an excellent choice. Luna Pearl Granite’s unique color combinations and its functionality will attract potential buyers to your home. 

What to Keep in Mind about Luna Pearl Granite?

If you have already started to think about purchasing Luna Pearl Granite, you should also be knowledgeable about its downsides to make the right choice. 

  • Maintenance and Cleaning: As a natural stone, granite has a porous surface, making it vulnerable to some kinds of damage, like bacterial growth, discoloration, permanent stains, etc. To prevent such risks, you should be willing to seal your Luna Pearl Granite regularly. This way, you can ensure longevity while preserving Luna Pearl’s beauty as if it is brand-new. 

Regarding cleaning, using a soft cloth, mild soap, and clean water will be sufficient, as abrasive cleaners may cause permanent damage to the surface. Besides, you should immediately wipe out the spills to prevent permanent stains. 

  • Professional Installation: Granite is a heavy stone, making it unsuitable for DIY installation. Hence, you should be working with well-experienced professionals for an accomplished installation. As Bergen Marble and Granite, we provide installation services with a well-experienced team of professionals.

Now that you know all the essentials about Luna Pearl Granite, you can decide whether it is a suitable material for your project. If you wish to learn more about granite types and be informed which materials are ideal for your design, reach out and let us help you realize your dream project! 

What Else to Know about Luna Pearl Granite?

What colors are in Luna Pearl Granite?

Luna Pearl Granite has a white background with black, brown, cream, or gray specks, making the stone a versatile option for many designs and color combinations. 

Which cabinet colors go well with Luna Pearl kitchen countertops?

It is easy to match Luna Pearl Granite countertops with many different cabinet colors, thanks to their white background with dots in various colors. For instance, you can match your Luna Pearl granite countertops with white kitchen cabinets for a sleek and clean look in your kitchen. 

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