Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite

One of the natural stones preferred by many homeowners is granite – a stone that offers extreme durability and timeless beauty. There are countless granite colors to choose from; however, today, we will be talking about just one of them: Colonial White Granite – an excellent material for both residential and commercial projects. 

Colonial White Granite is a natural beauty with its dominant white base and specks of gray and brown. Quarried in Rajasthan, India, Colonial White has numerous areas of application, including kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops, floors, staircases, walls, and more. Colonial White Granite is also suitable for honed, leather, brushed, and polished finishes. 

Colonial White Granite significantly impacts wherever it is used, thanks to its uplifting beauty. Keep reading to discover why you should think about boosting your design with the elegance of Colonial White Granite. 

Why Choose Colonial White Granite?

  • Durable: The most remarkable thing about granite, in general, is its extreme durability, which ensures longevity. You will use your Colonial White Granite for years to come while preserving its unique beauty as long as you commit to regular maintenance. 
  • Resistant: Granite is resistant to heat, UV lights, stains, scratches, and more, making it a great choice for both residential and commercial projects. The same goes for Colonial White Granite. For instance, if you are looking for a suitable countertop material for your kitchen that gets high traffic, Colonial White Granite is a perfect option for you. Its resistant nature also makes Colonial White Granite great for outdoor applications. 
  • Elegant Look: This white stone with gray and brown flacks has an exquisite look that adds elegance and luxury anywhere it is used. Colonial White Granite will work wonders if you are after natural and unique beauty for your design. 
  • Suitable for Many Designs: Colonial White Granite is a perfect choice for many different designs, as its colors can perfectly blend with many different colors, and it has various finish options. 

For instance, if you are planning to use your Colonial White Granite as a kitchen countertop, you will have many matching options. You may choose dark kitchen cabinets and Colonial White Granite countertops for a modern and bold look in your kitchen. Or, match your Colonial White Granite kitchen countertops with white cabinets to have a sleek look in your kitchen. 

  • Resale Value: Colonial White Granite is a wise choice if you consider your house a future investment. Thanks to its elegance, durability, and longevity, Colonial White Granite is a perfect investment that will attract potential buyers to your home.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Colonial White Granite?

Although Colonial White Granite is favored by many, this does not necessarily mean it is the ideal option for your project. You should be well aware of its downsides to ensure that you make the right choice. 

  • Requires Professional Installation: Granite is a heavy stone, so it is unsuitable for DIY installation. Wherever you are planning to use your Colonial White Granite, you should work with well-experienced professionals for installation. 
  • High Maintenance: Granite is a natural stone with a porous surface, making it vulnerable to some kinds of damage, like bacterial growth, discoloration, permanent stains, and more. To prevent all these risks, you should stick to a regular maintenance plan, requiring appropriate sealing. This way, you can protect your Colonial White Granite from damage and ensure its longevity. 

Regarding cleaning, mild soap, water, and a soft cloth are all you need, meaning you should stay away from abrasive cleaners that can cause permanent damage to the surface of your Colonial White Granite stone. Plus, wiping up the spills immediately is a must to prevent permanent stains. 

Bergen Marble and Granite Provides You with the Best 

As Bergen Marble and Granite, we are a leading stone supplier, providing the finest quality products and well-experienced services to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. If you are searching for the best Colonial White Granite options in the market, we are here to offer you the best! 

With our guidance, reach out to learn more about our granite options or other stones to bring your design project to perfection. 

Popular Questions about Colonial White Granite

What color is Colonial White Granite?

The primary color of Colonial White is white with gray and brown specks, making the stone suitable for many designs with different color palettes. 

What is another name for Colonial White Granite?

Colonial White Granite is also known as Balthus, Cotton White, White Antique, and Platinum White. However, the most common name used to define the stone is Colonial White Granite. 

Is Colonial White Granite Popular?

Colonial White Granite is one of the most famous granite types in the market, as it offers elegance, extreme durability, and versatility. 

Where is Colonial White Granite From?

Colonial White Granite is quarried in South India.

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