Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico Granite represents elegance and luxury with its soft gray background, touches of grey, and even some flecks of white, pink, and taupe. 

The origin of this elegant stone is Brazil, and it has many areas of use, including bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, and walls, kitchen backsplashes and countertops, fireplace surrounds, outside bars, and more. No matter where you install your Bianco Antico Granite, you will love to have this durable and beautiful natural stone in your design, thanks to its extreme durability and striking appeal. Plus, the polished finish is suitable for Bianco Antico. 

Keep reading and learn why Bianco Antico is one of the most popular granite stones in the market. 

Advantages of Bianco Antico Granite 

  • Many Areas of Use: Bianco Antico has countless application areas, making the stone a perfect choice for interior design. For instance, Bianco Antico Granite is an excellent countertop material, even for heavy-use kitchens. Moreover, you can utilize it in your bathroom as a vanity top or backsplash. Other than interior design, Bianco Antico Granite is also suitable for outdoor use. Plus, other than residential projects, Bianco Antico is an excellent choice for commercial projects, too. 
  • Suitable for Various Designs: The surface colors of Bianco Antico make it ideal for various design choices. From minimalist designs to traditional ones, Bianco Antico Granite can perfectly fit anywhere it is used. For example, you can create a traditional look in your kitchen by matching your Bianco Antico Granite countertops with wood cabinets and floors. Or, you may have a contemporary and sophisticated look by bringing your Bianco Antico countertops with dark modern kitchen cabinets. 
  • Rich Surface and Timeless Beauty: The gorgeous soft gray background with rich veins and hues make Bianco Antico a unique natural stone that adds elegance to your design. As granite, in general, represents timeless beauty, your Bianco Antico will never be outdated. 
  • Durability and Longevity: Granite is one of the most durable natural stones, ensuring longevity even in high-use areas. As long as you stick to a regular maintenance routine for your Bianco Antico, you will be using it for years to come while preserving its beauty as it is a brand-new stone. 
  • Resistance: Granite is resistant to heat, UV lights, stains, and scratches, easing the burden on your shoulders while using your granite stone, including Bianco Antico. However, you should always ensure that you maintain regular sealing and also take some measurements, like not placing hot items on the surface or wiping out the spills immediately. 
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use: Another great feature of Bianco Antico is that it is suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its durability and resistance to heat and UV lights. For instance, it can be used for wall cladding, landscaping, or countertops for outdoor kitchens. 
  • Resale Value: Granite adds value to your house thanks to its luxurious look, timeless beauty, and excellent durability. If you think of your house as an investment, Bianco Antico is one of the great choices you have to increase your home’s resale value.  

What to Keep in Mind about Bianco Antico Granite? 

  • Requires Professional Installation: Granite is a heavy stone, so it is unsuitable for DIY installation. You should be working with trusted professionals for Bianco Antico Granite installation. Bergen Marble’s well-experienced installation team always offers the best services to create the place you dream of.   
  • Regular Maintenance: Granite has a porous surface as a natural stone, requiring a special maintenance routine with sealing. This way, you can protect your stone from any kind of damage, like bacterial growth, permanent stains, discoloration, and more. Other than sealing, you should also regularly clean your Bianco Antico with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth. Plus, it is required to wipe out the spills immediately to ensure no stains remain on the surface. 

Bianco Antico is a marvelous stone that brings a luxurious look and extreme functionality to anywhere it is used. If you are looking for a natural stone that will stand the test of time, Bianco Antico Granite is always among the great options for both residential and commercial projects. 

Reach out to learn more about Bianco Antico or other granite types to discover which one is the best choice for your design. As Bergen Marble and Granite, we are always here to make your dream project a reality with our top-notch products and well-experienced services. 

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