Unique Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Most of us probably spend a lot of time in none other than – you guessed it, our kitchens. It’s where we brew our beverages, cook lovely meals and gather for meetings with our loved ones. That’s why their order and theme are so important when put to display. If you are also one of those persons that like a well-organized kitchen that reflects your style, then kitchen cabinets are an important choice for you in determining the theme of your renovation. While every home is surely unique and distinctive in its own way, each of them benefits from assortment and retouching. Not only kitchen cabinets are an essential element in our kitchen in terms of storage and organization but also their mere presence can change the entire aura of your surroundings. Whether you have a big, mid, or small-sized kitchen we definitely got something for you. From island cabinets to shaker cabinets, general organizers to drawer organizers our list of kitchen cabinet storage ideas will surely give you new ideas for you to put in play when you are renovating your home.

Smart Ideas for Drawer Organizers & Hidden Compartments

Style is important for kitchens as we mentioned. But what about the organization? When we talk about this it’s not just having everything in your kitchen placed in an orderly manner. Smart usage of area is also pretty vital in our opinion. So, let’s start with our trash and recycling bins. While most of us might be accustomed to having our bins lying around in the open in our kitchens, we suggest a much better alternative by keeping them under your sink or drawers with the usage of hidden containers. This is important for a couple of reasons.

under sink trash can

Firstly, it’s much more hygienic, especially considering lots of us dispose of our masks around the kitchen when we get home to either simply grab a cup of water or a refreshing drink. Secondly, this prevents unwanted odors from spreading around our kitchen not only for our guests but for ourselves generally. Remember sensations are essential for mood swings! Lastly, though this does not apply to every household, as almost all pets are prone to messing around with our garbage and recycling bins, having them hidden smartly underneath containers is golden in terms of preventing this!

More Order & Less Chaos for the Kitchen Instruments

How many of us opened our kitchen drawers to reach out for a spoon to munch away at our deli Ben & Jerry’s only to not be able to find one with ease? We know we know, we’ve been there as well, but fret no more as we hold an answer for your troubles! An easy and hefty solution to this comes in the form of efficient usage of drawer organizers that have specifically determined utensil and cutlery sections.  Not only you will grab whatever you need on the go without creating further chaos in your drawers when searching for whatever item you need, but they will also create room to breathe for your other sections through extra space saved up from organization. A good place to have these organizers are drawers that have split sections preferably located near your dishes and kitchen sink.

kitchen drawer organizer

Further talking about organization, if you lack space in your kitchen pantry you can utilize your shaker cabinets to contain some of your kitchen essentials like glass jars for various kinds of macaroni, organic vinegar and oils, cereals, and canned goods. Last but not least, island cabinets are an awesome option to consider for any kitchen that looks to use the center to put your chef skills into play. You can use their extra drawers for saucepans, kettles, cookers, and such instruments, all the whilst placing stools around them to enhance your breakfast and dinner occasions. We find the experience provided by a well-placed kitchen island cabinet totally worth it, especially when accompanied along with loved ones for gatherings!

Ease of Accessibility is King

Ease of accessibility is also not only important in the form of order within drawers but through the mechanical functioning of the drawers themselves. For instance, for trash and recycling bins we mentioned above, you can consider the ones that automatically open when you pull the drawer beneath the sink and we guarantee you that once you get used to this, you will never want to use the foot latch of your bins ever again.

cabinet roll out trays

In addition to this, you can have drawers that utilize roll-out trays that are absolutely killer in terms of accessibility. They are a definite plus when it comes to visibility as they are hidden and won’t cover up unnecessary space, which is more than ideal for small kitchens that seek to utilize their kitchen cabinets efficiently.

tray divider pull out

Last but not least, consider tray dividers for tools that cover unusual portion so spaces such as your racks for BBQ, cutting boards, and trays. A good place for these is above your fridges, below your ovens, and special sections in your cabinets. You can even go further creative and put them to display like a true chef by placing a section to the ceiling above your island cabinets!

This is the end of our selection for unique kitchen cabinet storage ideas.