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Trending Kitchen Styles for Summer 2022


With the coming of heat, sea, and the lovely breeze, summer 2022 makes a very welcoming visit to us all that got bored to tears during the lockdown. Now is the time for renewal with the energy of the sun and good vibes!

To celebrate this welcoming season, we figured that many of you would consider renovating their lovely homes during vacation and we wanted to give tips by sharing with you the best trending kitchen styles for summer 2022!




Maritime Colors Come Back with A Blast

When one talks about summer, you simply cannot pass the existence of the sea! Maritime colors make an appearance with a fresh breeze through blue shaker cabinets and white countertops.




Blue is a very relaxing color option for newly designed kitchens. It provides a serene and relaxing atmosphere for your kitchens. St. Martin kitchen cabinets are ideal for this color choice with their luxurious and handsome-looking blue shaker cabinets. You can check out their Oceana Blue and Bellrose Blue color options. Make sure to check out St. Martin’s other cabinet color options as well to spark your creativity!

To match your blue cabinets, you can opt for white marble countertops. Together, they will certainly bring an air of Greek islands to your kitchens. Calacatta Lincoln Marble, Cintilante Marble, and Crema Marfil Marble would be excellent options for white marble countertops.



Open Up Your Home to Nature with Green Countertops

While for many of us summer means the sea and the sun, for some of us it means going back to our roots to reunite with mother nature. We believe that you will also think in the same manner after seeing these beautiful green granite countertops. For color options, we suggest you take a look at Emerald Pearl Granite and Hawaiian Green Granite as their color themes will bring exotic and tropical nature vibes to your kitchen.




To match green countertops, we prefer solid wood cabinets. Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are one of the best options for this task and you can go with any of their options. For specific suggestions, you can view their Allure – Fusion, and Classic – Elite series.


Let The Sun Shine with Bright Color Themes

The sun is a major element in this summer’s trending kitchen collections and bright color vibes make an astonishing entrance. Cambria quartz countertops are an ideal option to reflect upon this theme. Their Ella and Montgomery model kitchen countertops will bring a bright and positive feeling to your kitchens.

Cambria also has a large spectrum of color options available to brighten the mood in your kitchens. We highly recommend that you check Cambria’s vast quartz colors catalog.




To accompany the beach and sun vibes of countertops, you can go with another wooden cabinet option. Wolf kitchen cabinets are one of the profound American brands that lead the industry with high quality and aesthetically pleasing wooden kitchen products. You can check their Designer – Adams, and Designer – Newport styles.



On a final note, if you would like to create your own unique design for your kitchen, we suggest that you check our high-quality brand catalog for kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops.

This is the end of our blog post for "Best Trending Kitchen Styles For Summer 2022"! If you are interested in following out popular trends for kitchen designs and new kitchen products in 2022 make sure to check out our other blog posts such as Color Theme Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen”, “Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops", Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Styles in 2022, and Unique Kitchen Details. We’re sure you’ll find more ideas for different kitchen styles and select out the most suitable products for your kitchen with these posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!