What’s Trending in Kitchen Backsplashes?

With the coming of 2022, most of us have probably started renewing both ourselves and our surroundings. We probably started doing yoga, enrolled in learning a new musical instrument, started developing new skillsets, and most definitely focused on our homes. With the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) theme rising brighter on the horizon than ever before, people started renovating their family’s most valuable treasure; their homes. Of course, while doing everything yourself has a very unique taste that gratifies the practitioner, there’s also a simpler way of doing things and still getting great feelings out of them, such as getting your home renovated by professionals.

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This is both an efficient and satisfactory method for many people as we can both continue working at the same time, whilst enjoying seeing your surroundings being crafted to perfection. Kitchen renovations are no exception as they are one of the most frequently used sections of our homes. We recommend starting from traditional choices such as cabinets and countertops, but there’s also one element that is trending quite a bit these past few months, and it is no other than kitchen backsplashes.

That’s why we compiled a list of the best trending tiles for kitchen backsplash, best natural and engineered stones for kitchen backsplash, trending color options for kitchen backsplash panels, as well as unique kitchen backsplash ideas. Check them out below!

Ultra White Kitchen Backsplashes

For white kitchen backsplash tile ideas, you can opt for both marble and quartzite. With marble, you are sure to attain a very classical Roman look for your kitchen. They also suit perfectly well with the “hygiene” focused times that we are going through.

While looking pretty similar to marble, white quartzite kitchen backsplashes bring a shinier and fresher atmosphere to its surroundings thanks to its smooth surface. This when paired with smartly chosen modern lighting, your guests are sure to be amazed by your kitchen.

kitchen backsplashes 3

Dark Toned Kitchen Backsplashes

Granite and quartzite backsplashes are absolutely looking gorgeous in this season and you cannot skip them when renovating your kitchen!

Granite has perhaps one of the most distinct veining spectra in natural stones and their backsplashes are a piece of art alone. You can match their theme by installing suiting dark-colored kitchen details.

Quartzite can not only go bright but can also bring a very smooth glossy feeling with darker color sets. This gray quartz backsplash is a very nice example of a modern kitchen look.

kitchen backsplashes 4

Quartz Kitchen Backsplashes

Quartz is an engineered stone that is very durable due to its very minimally porous structure. Quartz backsplashes also have a huge range of color selection options when compared to natural stones.

You can never regret choosing a beautiful quartz backsplash that reflects the overall mood of your kitchen. The image below is a perfect example of a professionally crafted and installed quartz backsplash.

kitchen backsplashes 5

Bronze Colored Kitchen Backsplashes

With everything becoming modern, kitchen backsplash panels are reminding us of our roots by going for antique and very cozy vibes.

You can go fully distinct and attain a very rustic vibe for your kitchen with Dekton Trillium. This is sure to be unique among many homeowners and would delightfully match the feelings when one is preparing their charcuterie and cheese board for their full-bodied red wines.

Layered brown marble also looks fascinating for modern kitchen themes. When paired along with copper and brass details you can attain a distinctly exotic feeling for your home’s most frequently used space.

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Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

With everything becoming more modernized, tile backsplashes have evolved overall as well. We started seeing smartly placed tile backsplashes becoming the main attraction center of your kitchen decoration. For the best tiles for kitchen backsplashes, we recommend going with modern varieties.

While a classic, we suggest refraining away from subway tile backsplashes. This is mostly due to them having static color options, however, if you want to go for these try the out-of-ordinary ones such as seen in the image below.

kitchen backsplashes 7

This is the end of our blog post for the pros and cons of quartzite couıntertops!