Silestone Countertops

Silestone Countertops offer a unique combination of natural quartz and various raw materials. That is why Silestone quartz countertops are known for their impressive resilience, high durability, improved resistance and wide range of customization options. In addition to kitchen and bath design applications, Silestone quartz can also be employed in flooring and wall siding to vamp up your living space.Being an extraordinary alternative to granite, Silestone is an unprecedented, non-porous quartz product and it doesn’t require a sealer. Moreover, Cosentino Silestone is very resistant to impact, scratching, heat and staining since it is made of one of the hardest natural minerals, quartz. As a result, Silestone offers a 25-year limited transferable warranty.Offering rich options, Silestone slabs will freshen up and modernize your living space. If you’d like to learn more about Cosentino quartz and Silestone price, take a closer look at our catalogue or contact us.

Silestone Quartz Colors

Silestone kitchen countertops aim to provide long lasting, stylish options for your home. You can find unique Silestone colors, different styles and finishes in Silestone Quartz colors catalogue and create your dream kitchen.Below you can find the most popular Silestone countertop colors.

Silestone Bamboo

Silestone Bamboo Quartz will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the nature, Silestone Bamboo countertop has a warm, creamy color of the dried bamboo and rich texture that reflects the beauty of the granite.

Silestone White Storm

White Storm Quartz has a refined and calm look inspired by the snowy hills. The pure, sleek white color gives a sense of distinction and nobility while polished finish makes White Storm countertop significantly more durable and resistant to heat. If you want to create modern interiors with a strong character, Silestone White Storm Quartz is here for you.

Silestone Pietra

Silestone Pietra Quartz has a gray hue and natural granulate style. Inspired by the nature, Pietra countertop has a light, warm base color with gray and cream swirls. This durable and stylish slab can be paired with dark, saturated colors or light, muted colors to create sophisticated, upscale living spaces.

Silestone Pearl Jasmine

With its pure, classy white base and thin, muted veins, Silestone Pearl Jasmine Quartz will bring elegance to your home. Inspired by the sophistication and grace of the pearl, Pearl Jasmine Countertop goes very well with classic, luxurious designs. If you want to add some splendor and refinement to your living space, take a closer look at this distinct slab.

Silestone Eternal Statuario

Eternal Statuario Silestone comes in two different finishes and offers a graceful style. Inspired by the natural beauty of stone, Silestone Statuario countertop aims to bring a pure, sophisticated look to your living space. This unique and distinguished slab combines the looks of stone and durability of quartz to stand the test of time.

Silestone Blanco Maple

Blanco Maple has a sleek and modern look inspired by the most desirable granite slabs. Silestone’s Blanco Maple has a light, warm base color and small, dainty, brown specks creating a rich and elegant texture. You can incorporate Blanco Maple countertops into both traditional and modern designs to create graceful interiors.

Silestone Blanco Calacatta

Blanco Calacatta Quartz will highlight the beauty of your kitchen and add a graceful charm to your living space. Silestone’s Blanco Calacatta has a pure, white base color and thick, light gray veins that create a muted, elegant texture. This beautiful slab goes very well with various styles and cabinet colors.

Silestone Ocean Storm

Inspired by the restless, mighty and bewitching beauty of the ocean, Silestone’s Ocean Storm Quartz offers a fresh breeze. This slab has a dark, saturated blue base color and light, thin, creamy veins that offer a regal, grounded but impressive texture. If your living space needs a statement piece, Ocean Storm quartz is what you are looking for.

Silestone White Zeus

Silestone White Zeus Extreme can give your kitchen the edge with its clean white hue and polished finish. Inspired by the strength and might of the Greek god Zeus, Silestone’s White Zeus countertop will bring elegance and sophistication to your living space. You can incorporate this slab into both contemporary and traditional designs.

Silestone Yukon

Silestone Yukon Blanco offers a grounded, off-white hue. This slab has a simple and sleek look that will enhance your contemporary and modern interior designs while offering the extended durability and reliability of the quartz mineral. Silestone Yukon countertop can highlight the beauty of both vivid and muted colors.

Silestone Calypso

Silestone Calypso Quartz has a saturated, rich hue that you will fall in love with at first sight. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, Calypso offers a calm, restrained and warm black base color along with tiny, light speckles. If you are looking for a statement piece that will give your design the edge, Calypso quartz is what you need.

Silestone Iconic White

As its name suggests, Silestone’s Iconic White is a strong representation of purity, nobility and class. Iconic White quartz has a distinct, glossy white base color and no veins, no swirls, no speckles. Coming in three different thickness options, Iconic White slab can be incorporated into areas of fashion, kitchens or high traffic, commercial interior designs.

Silestone Classic Calacatta

Silestone Calacatta has a light hue and gray veins that offers an elegant look. Inspired by the most desirable marble slabs, Classic Calacatta countertop offers the significantly higher durability and heat resistance of the fine quartz. If you want to have the cultivated beauty of the marble without the hassle of maintenance, Classic Calacatta quartz countertop is what you are after.

Silestone Alpina White

Alpina White Quartz has a rich texture enhanced by light gray, white, cream and dark gray swirls. Inspired by the beauty and grandeur of the nature itself, Silestone’s popular color option Alpina White will bring purity and sophistication to your living space. You can incorporate Alpina White quartz into both sleek, minimalist designs and traditional, ornate designs.

Silestone Tebas Black

Tebas Black Quartz is an impressive statement piece that will instantly give a high end, sophisticated feel to your living space. Inspired by the most desired and famous black granite, Black Galaxy, Silestone’s Tebas Black offers the sleek and upscale look of granite while providing the extended durability and high heat resistance of the quartz.

Silestone Brooklyn

Silestone Brooklyn Quartz offers an intense gray color amplified by rich contrasts and effects. As a very popular member of the Silestone’s Loft Collection, Brooklyn countertop vamps up every living space instantly and works very well with designs inspired by industrial decoration style.

Silestone Lena

Lena has a welcoming, warm sand color and creates inviting spaces. Non-porous, incredibly resistant to scratches and heat, Silestone’s Lena countertop will enhance your kitchen or bathroom design while offering extended durability. Incorporating Lena quartz slab, you can create unique living spaces that will withstand heavy use.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

Eternal Calacatta Gold offers a new take on light colored quartz and has a sleek, polished look. Due to its pure base color and thin, muted veins, Silestone Calacatta Gold is one of the best countertop alternatives for modern kitchen designs. You can pair Eternal Calacatta Quartz with bold, bright colos or dark, classy colors to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Strong and Elegant

If you are looking for an upscale countertop option with a characteristic sense of style, Silestone is what you need. Being the leader in quartz surfaces, Silestone offers engineered perfection: Silestone slabs are carefully crafted using the best natural material and latest technology. That is why Silestone surfaces present extreme durability, a wide range of colors, different styles and finishes. Stain resistance, chemical resistance, low porosity, low maintenance and flexural strength make Silestone Quartz one-of-a-kind.

If you want to welcome Silestone’s unprecedented quality into your home, take a closer look at our Silestone Quartz applications including kitchen countertops, bathroom designs, integrity sinks and more. As an authorized distributor of Silestone, we offer tailor-made quartz solutions for your needs.

Silestone countertops are non-porous, which means their surface won’t be absorbing food and liquids. Cleaning your Silestone countertops with household cleaners at regular intervals is enough to keep them hygienic.
You can clean your Silestone countertops at daily intervals to preserve their shine and beauty. Simply use a mild house cleaner and non-scratch foam. Once cleaned, you can use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe dry your Silestone countertops.
You can polish your Silestone countertops like any other granite or marble countertops. Simply use a mild household cleaner and gentle non-scratch sponge.
Generally, Silestone countertops cost between $60-$120 per square foot. The price varies depending on the quality of the stone. Labor can also vary depending on the customization options. We highly suggest you install your Silestone countertops by taking assistance from professionals to avoid any possible damages during installation.
Silestone countertops are very easy to clean and maintain. They are made from a superb technology that renders them resistant to damaging chemicals. Therefore, you only need to maintain your Silestone countertops once in a while.
Silestone countertops are made from a combination of natural quartz crystals and other unique raw materials that have superb qualities such as hardness and resilience. Silestone countertops are an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and flooring.
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