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Picking Kitchen Cabinet Style

If you are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling process, you are already aware that there are lots of things to consider, including kitchen countertops, layouts, lighting, and flooring. Another essential aspect of the design is picking the right kitchen cabinet style that matches the overall design and provides a functional storage area. In this regard, a wisely determined cabinet style will lessen the burden on you while creating your dream kitchen. As well as being a crucial task, finding the perfect cabinet style for your kitchen might be challenging regarding the variables you should consider. Instead of overwhelming yourself while investigating each cabinet style, keep reading to learn elegant, practical, and timeless kitchen cabinet style options that we have listed for you. 

Recessed Panel Cabinets

As one of the trademark characteristics, recessed panel cabinetry includes five segments: four pieces that create the frame, and the flat panel is at the center. This style also means quality because they are mostly made from highly durable American wood, such as maple, cherry, and quartersawn oak. Additionally, it is famous for its quality craftsmanship, which makes it a perfect choice for ones who want to use their kitchen cabinets for years. Since it provides a classic and simple look, you will never get bored with your recessed panel cabinets. 

Recessed panel cabinets are always one of the all-time favorites with their elegant simplicity and functionality. They are timeless because they beautifully complement every kind of kitchen design, thanks to their simplicity. For instance, you can create a traditional look by adopting the original approach with light wood finishes. Or, you can mix the traditional and the modern by combining dark and light tones to get a transitional look. Maybe, as most people do, you can have a modern design with a polished look while maintaining a minimalistic approach. In other words, you can perfectly reflect your interior design idea just with a simple touch to your recessed panel cabinetry.  

Here is the summary of the pros and cons of this type that you should consider before making your final decision: 


  • Made from durable wood with high-quality craftsmanship
  • Easily fits your design approach
  • Can be combined with other cabinetry styles, such as flat panel cabinets.
  • Widely available and has many budget-friendly alternatives thanks to being so popular.
  • Can be used for years without becoming old-fashioned because of its ageless and minimalistic elegance.
  • Aims for functionality while still protecting its beauty. 


  • Requires regular cleaning to maintain a flawless look. 

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets


Flat Panel

As offering a sleek and clean look in the kitchen, flat-panel cabinetry is a perfect choice for those who want to reflect either a modern or contemporary design in their places. Also known as slab cabinet doors, flat-panel cabinets offer a simple design without any expensive details. Besides, by providing a simple look like the recessed panel, the flat panel can also flawlessly fit other styles, making it suitable to offer a transitional design. 

Despite their high-end look, there are limitless affordable alternatives to the flat panel cabinetry thanks to its minimalist style without having any intricate details. Moreover, this cabinetry offers wood and laminate material options with many different color alternatives. Since flat panel cabinets have no panels or framing, you can easily repaint them if you think you need a change in your kitchen design. This feature also lets flat-panel cabinets easily match the appliances and other kitchen elements. 

The pros and cons of this type are as follows:


  • One of the easiest to clean cabinetry styles because of lacking details that collect dust.
  • Can be the cheapest alternative in the market if laminate is preferred as the material.
  • Can offer a more sophisticated look when combined with accessories such as knobs and drawer pulls. 
  • Easily offers a clean and streamlined aesthetic in the kitchen, which is one of the most high-traffic areas in a house. 


  • Maybe thought to be too simple to reflect a specific design if not enriched with visual complements. 
  • May show fingerprints, though it is easy to clean.

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets


Raised Panel

The door panel is elevated slightly higher than the frame for this type of cabinetry. This raised panel adds depth and dimension to the cabinet door design. The detailed carvings allow the raised panel to offer a rich and complex presentation.  

Because of providing an artistic and detailed look, raised panel cabinetry is one of the favorites of traditional design lovers. Its beautifully intricate woodwork demonstrates a distinctive look with quality craftsmanship. Since it highlights the beauty of the wood, this cabinetry type is a perfect choice for those who believe that their interior design should reflect a luxurious and wealthy feeling. 

Although they had been the most trendy alternative amongst cabinetry styles during the 60s and 70s, raised panel cabinets have lost their popularity because of homeowners’ inclination to prefer a more minimalistic design. However, as stated previously, raised panel cabinets are still preferable for those who adore unique and rich details. Furthermore, there are still many raised panel cabinetry options that are ready to install, or you can easily find a skilled professional to have customized raised panel cabinetry. 

Below, we have provided the pros and cons of raised panel cabinetry so that you can decide whether it is the one that you will prefer for your kitchen:


  • Adds a character to your kitchen design with its uniquely detailed carves. 
  • A perfect choice for traditional kitchen designs. 
  • Can easily be found in different wood species, finishes, details, and colors. 
  • Provide a luxurious look to your kitchen design. 


  • Requires more effort to clean and maintain because of extra edges and details. 
  • Needs to be balanced with simple design elements to prevent an overwhelming kitchen design. 
  • Mostly been produced with frames to reflect a traditional design, so it is hard to find frameless versions. 
  • Compared with other cabinet styles, more costly alternatives because of the raised panel’s detailed construction.
  • Might be outdated since it is far from being minimalistic, which mainly determines today’s design approach. 

In the light of the information provided above, you can now decide whether the mentioned cabinet styles are good options for your kitchen design or not. Additionally, you can get inspired by the given information to determine the considerations you should keep in mind while picking a kitchen cabinet style. 

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