MSI Countertops

Founded in 1975, MSI is one of the top flooring, wall, and countertop surface manufacturers. Wide range of products, unique collections like MSI Q Quartz, unmatched supply chain and the ability to incorporate latest technology into production processes make MSI a leader in the industry.Made of premium natural quartz, MSI surfaces are known for their durability, large format and versatility. You can find MSI quartz surfaces in different styles and collections including Q Quartz, Q Stone Quartz, Stile and more.If you’d like to learn more about Q Quartz countertops or MSI quartz price, you can take a closer look at our catalogue or contact us.

MSI Quartz Colors

MSI offers a wide range of quartz colors, as a result you can create versatile work spaces and living spaces using MSI’s Q Premium natural quartz. Below you can find the most popular quartz colors by MSI.

MSI Snow White Quartz

As its name suggests, MSI Snow White has a pure, impressive white color that will instantly bring dignity and sense of calm to your living space. The most prominent feature of this impressive slab is its clean, polished look. You can incorporate MSI’s Snow White countertop into modern, cutting edge designs and minimalistic kitchens.

MSI Iced White Quartz

Iced White Quartz Countertops are perfect for quirky designs that aim to redefine the boundaries. Inspired by the snowstorms of high mountaintops, MSI’s Iced White quartz has a light, collected base color paired with fun speckles and swirls in cream and beige hues. If you are after a characteristic look, Iced White Quartz is what you need.

MSI Calacatta Laza

MSI Calacatta Laza has thin, gray veins and a light color that will mesmerize you aat the very first sight. If you enjoy the marble look but seek something with less demanding maintenance, MSI Calcatta Laza quartz is just what you need.

Statuary Classique Quartz

MSI Statuary Classique offers a fresh take on cool white quartz. Having a very simple yet strikingly beautiful look, Statuary Classique countertop will add character and elegance to your design. This unique quartz slab has a white base and classy, gray veins that add more depth.

Calacatta Verona Quartz

Having a light colour and gray veins, MSI Calacatta Verona offers a durable and more heat resistant alternative to traditional marble. This popular slab of MSI has a pure, warm white base color enhanced by thin, light gray veins that adds a richness to the overall texture.

Montclair White Quartz

MSI Montclair White brings a stylish texture and cool hues to your living space. Inspired by the rich texture of famous Italian marbles, Montclair White countertop has a warm, creamy base color and light gray, beige swirls that will add depth to your kitchen. You can pair Montclair White Quartz with warm colored cabinets to create an inviting space.

Calico White Quartz

MSI Calico White has a clean and sleek look which make it perfect for modern or minimalist designs. Inspired by the striking beauty of the granite, Calico White countertop will elevate your living space and add an element of warmth to your design. You can opt for using Calico White quartz in your kitchen and bathroom.

MSI Calacatta Ultra

Calacatta Ultra offers an upscale, polished look with its clean white base color and dainty, thin, dark gray veins. If you want to incorporate the sleek and elegant style of white marble while adding some character to your design, you should take a closer look at what Calacatta Ultra countertop has to offer.

Marbella White Quartz

Marbella White has a cool, refined hue that will instantly vamp up your living space while offering a unique sense of style. Inspired by the elegance of the marble, Marbella White countertop successfully surpasses what marble has to offer in terms of durability and heat resistance.

Grey Lagoon Quartz

MSI Grey Lagoon Quartz offers an eye-catching texture paired with swirls that bring together gold and light gray hues. The most prominent feature of this gorgeous quartz countertop is its ability to blend warm and cool hues in a perfectly harmonious way. You can incorporate MSI Gray Lagoon countertop into any design style.

Stellar Gray Quartz

MSI Stellar Gray is here to offer the prime quartz look and make you fall in love at first sight. Inspired by the beauty of the endless space, Stellar Gray countertop has a saturated gray base color and small, darker speckles that add both depth and texture. Being very resistant and low maintenance, MSI Stellar Gray quartz will enhance your living space.

MSI Alabaster White

With its sleek polish and refined color, MSI Alabaster White will impress you at the first sight. When you get closer, you will be mesmerized by the subtle yet striking beauty of its light gray swirls and veins. If you are seeking a grounded yet impressive quartz slab to uplift your living space, Alabaster White countertop is just what you need.

MSI Calacatta Leon

Part of Q Quartz Collection, Calacatta Leon MSI is a popular color option offered by MSI. The most striking feature of this beautiful slab is its pure, light base color contrasted by light gray, thick veins. Offering a rich and characteristic look, Calacatta Leon quartz can be incorporated into both kitchen and bathroom designs.

Babylon Gray Quartz

With its unique and rich texture, MSI Babylon Gray will leave you mesmerized. Dark and dreamy hues of Babylon Gray countertop offer a regal, sophisticated look. You can pair the dark beauty of Babylon Gray with darker cabinets or create a striking contrast with lighter tones.

MSI Carrara Mist

Deriving its inspiration from the regal look of Italian marbles, MSI Carrara Mist quartz offers a friendly and welcoming touch to your kitchen. Carrara Mist countertop has a warm, creamy base color enhanced by gray, thin veins. You can highlight the beauty of Carrara Mist quartz with colorful, vivid cabinets or white cabinets.

MSI Arctic White Quartz

MSI Quartz Arctic White has a calm, light colour that will give your modern interior design a new, fresh look. One of the most preferred colors of MSI’s Q Quartz series, Arctic White countertop can make your kitchen or bathroom look very spacious and elegant. Moreover, Arctic White also offers increased durability.

MSI Rolling Fog

Rolling Fog MSI has a sophisticated texture that derives its inspiration from the most sought-after marble slabs. Rolling Fog countertop is famous for its cool, light base color and light gray swirls that adds depth and character. This popular slab of MSI can highlight the beauty of darker cabinets while making the room more spacious.

Mystic Gray Quartz

MSI Mystic Gray offers a silky finish and a one of a kind shades of gray that goes impressively well with both traditional, ornamented styles and modern, minimalistic styles. Paired with subtle, tiny speckles, the mid-tone gray base color of Mystic Gray Countertop offers a grounded but impressive look.

MSI Cashmere Carrara

Cashmere Carrara quartz has a soft white color and a sleek look. Inspired by the bewitching beauty of the granite, Casmere Carrara countertop offers all the benefits of quartz surfaces: Easy maintenance, high resistance to heat, UV lights and scratches, enhanced durability.

Assortment, Accessible, Attentive and Affordable

Four pillars characterize MSI’s business model: Assortment, accessible, attentive and affordable. Assortment refers to the leading product variety, accessibility is made possible by MSI’s more than 30 distribution centers across the States and Canada, attentivity comes from MSI’s full commitment to improving their customers’ lives and finally, affordability is a product of MSI’s strong partnerships and unique business model.

With the experience of more than three decades in the industry, MSI is here to give you the best slabs for competitive prices. You can find the high-quality material and classy colors in MSI Quartz and enjoy an unprecedented customer service.

As an authorized distributor of MSI Quartz, we are glad to state that we offer unmatched applications and tailor-made solutions for your living space. Take a closer look at our MSI applications to get inspired. Feel free to contact us to get a quote or more information.

For cool colors, we highly suggest you to pick sleek and neutral colors that will highlight the details. Both light blue and light grey countertops are suitable options for this matter. You can also lean towards beige and off-whites if you prefer classic color options.
Many of MSI’s colors can look good with warm colors. If you are after something brighter, we suggest that you opt for white, while for a more modern approach you can check out Calacatta Ultra MSI countertops.
Quartzite and quartz countertops are made from different materials. Both quartzite and MSI quartz countertops have varying qualities. Quartzite is a natural stone, while MSI quartz countertops are made from engineered stones with superb technology. MSI countertops have many great qualities, but for comparison purposes, the simplest one would be in terms of durability. MSI countertops are very durable while quartzite can be less resistant to damages in a heavy use area such as the kitchen.
When it comes to sanitation, MSI quartz countertops are one of the top brands for the occasion. They are virtually non-porous and will require little to no maintenance at all for preserving their hygiene. Basic daily cleaning will keep them antimicrobial and sanitary at all times.
Like many other quartz countertops, MSI countertops are non-porous. They won’t absorb liquids and food stains. That’s why regularly cleaning your MSI countertops with warm water, soap, and a clean micro-fiber cloth is more than enough for their maintenance.
MSI countertops are very high-quality countertops made with expert technology. They are eco-friendly as they are mostly made from natural materials that come straight from the earth. MSI countertops are beautiful, and highly durable surfaces that reflect style and class.
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