Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Styles in 2022

With everyone remaining adamant about staying indoors, it is no doubt that most of us focused on our homes for spending our leisure periods and the idea of renovation undoubtedly approached us all in due time. While many kitchen designs in 2021 focused on themes such as well-being and self-care with all the pandemic going on, we believe that it’s about time you bring some alternations to your kitchen style for a fresh start in 2022 with our selection of popular kitchen cabinet brands.

modern white kitchen

Whether you are aiming for a classical full-white, seeking that heartfelt warmth expanding from cozy brown, looking for the imperial radiance of black and gray, or wanting to go wild with adding a different stroke into your kitchen with energetic and optimistic colors such as blue, this blog post is your right address! Check out our selection of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors and cabinet brands for you below!

Full-White, An All-Time Classical

At the head of our list are, of course, the classical full-white kitchens. No matter how many years pass, we are certainly sure that this traditional and neat selection won’t be discarded from kitchen trends and new cabinet styles indicate this as well.

cubitac cabinets imperial

For white selections, we suggest you to check out the all-new Imperial series of Cubitac Cabinets. Cubitac Cabinets is not only a brand that values high-quality material but their series over the years has won numerous awards for kitchen styles and design.

Prodigy Cabinets is another brand you can choose with its simple design and affordable prices.

fabuwood kitchen

Another awesome option for white-colored stylish kitchen cabinets is Fabuwood Cabinets. Fabuwood Cabinets is a brand that focuses on function and beauty, and their numerous series emphasize on that. You can check-out their Galaxy and Quest series for elegant white choices.

Double Down on Black & Gray

Here’s one of our favorite color ranges: gray and black. While black kitchens are certainly dashing for all occasions and venues regardless of the setting, gray is making a huge comeback for this season.

wolf signature cabinets 1

At first look, Wolf Cabinets, which is a very well-known industry brand over the years makes an appearance with their gray kitchen selections. Not only Wolf Cabinets are highly regarded for their excellent customer service, but their products also stand the test of time while ensuring they provide a neat experience for your kitchen view. You must certainly check-out their Signature series for gray selections.

fgm cabinets venus truffle

For gray, we recommend another industry leader in the name of FGM Cabinetry as their series absolutely looks fascinating. Their Venus series with Truffle color was awe-inspiring and we are sure they will make your guests feel the same way.

Warm and Cozy With Brown

Another classical but never-ending trend for kitchen cabinet colors is certainly brown. This lovely color is ought to take some new inspiration from nature with fresher looks and spring vibes in the new series of Alusso Cabinets, Mantra Cabinets and Forevermark Cabinets.

alusso cabinets natura

For simple and smooth touches, you can check-out Alusso Cabinets’ Natura series, where the emphasis on natural veins would be an excellent choice for inspiring sustainable environments. If you are fond of antique tones, then the Signature series of Forevermark Cabinets is meant for you, as they are sure to enlargen the atmosphere of any kitchen they are present in.

Add A Splash of Color Into Your Kitchens with Blue

At the end of our list, we have the ones where most people seem to be in doubt and they are none other than colorful options. But fret not! We know your concern and the general emphasis regarding them. However, we assure you just like technology and life, everything evolves including kitchens and colorful cabinet trends.

light blue kitchen cabinets

We are sure that you will change your mind about Adornus Cabinetry’s charming blue cabinets. Adornus is a brand that focuses on offering luxurious selections at affordable prices and their years of expertise in the industry have made them solid in regards to their reputation. Their amalgamation of unusual color hues on top of classical ones is sure to be checked out. We recommend their Lexington and Madison color variations for those who are not afraid to add blue on top of alternating red vibes.

st.martin cabinets wellington

If you desire full maritime color ranges and want your kitchen to acquire a fresh and unique look then look no further than St. Martin. This brand has a main focus on maritime colors and their products will make you feel like you are out in the open seas. Traditional, modern, unprecedented are the words to describe this brand when one does examine their Wellington and New Heaven series for a wide range of blue color selections.

This is the end of our selection for most popular kitchen cabinet colors and styles in 2022! If you are interested in following out the trend for kitchen designs and kitchen trends in 2022 make sure to check out our other blog posts such as Unique Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas, Bathroom Design Trends 2022, and Luxurious Bathrooms with Design Details. We’re sure you’ll find more ideas for different kitchen styles and find out the most suitable cabinet brands for you with these posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!