Marble and Granite Countertop Ideas for Fall

Marble and granite countertops are some of the most popular options when it comes to kitchen design choices. Granite is considered as one of the strongest natural stone countertops for instance, while marble’s natural beauty and elegance are rarely rivaled. Granite often comes as naturally multicolored with a wide variety of selection options. Marble is mostly composed of calcite, which gives marble its signature quality and sophistication. In short, both marble countertops and granite countertops have uniquely astounding qualities that are fit for the most luxurious homes. However, they both have their pros and cons. So depending on what you need and what you don’t you can make your selection more clear.

Many people often wonder about the qualities of granite vs marble; however, in reality, they both have their distinct perks. Let’s have a brief look at them individually to determine their unique properties to understand which one is the best suit for your home kitchen.

Perks of Marble Countertops

Pros of Marble Countertops

  • Marble countertops are the embodiment of a luxurious and high lifestyle,
  • Their natural veining nodes and color strokes attribute them with remarkable beauty,
  • The mere existence of marble will add value to your property,
  • Used to be reserved only for the elite, however, today its widely accessible and popular,

Cons of Marble Countertops

  • Marble has a porous structure that can make it vulnerable to staining,
  • Dents and scratches can form in the event of a hard object contacting them, such as dropping a skillet on the surface,
  • You will need to reseal your marble countertops on a regular basis to preserve their beauty,
  • There are rare color variations such as purple marble and red marble that can be very hard to find readily available,
granite countertops

Perks of Granite Countertops

Pros of Granite Countertops

  • Granite is super hard and very durable,
  • The material is highly heat and scratch resistant,
  • The stone has a wide spectrum of color options and often in multiple layers,
  • Cleaning and maintaining granite are very easy,

Cons of Granite Countertops

  • Granite is considered a luxurious natural stone; thus, the price range is higher in comparison to standard options,
  • You will need to reseal your granite countertops on a regular basis to preserve their quality,
  • Exotic variations such as purple granite and red granite can be hard to supply,
blue marble slabs

Elegance and Unparalleled Beauty: Marble Countertops

Marble is a sedimentary rock that was used all over the world for its depiction of luxury and elegance. While everyone generally thinks that marble is only used in its white form, there are many other beautiful marble countertop color options. Below you can find three of the most popular and exotic marble countertop selections we gathered for you.

white marble countertops 2

The Classical White Marble Is the Grand Champion

Considered among the best marble countertops, White Carrara Marble is truly a divinity. It has been used since the time of Ancient Rome to construct some of the most prominent and beautiful structures to ever exist, such as the Pantheon and Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Thanks to today’s logistical developments, you can adorn the halls of your beautiful family home with this beloved luxury.

white gold marble countertops

The Unparalleled Beauty of Exotic Marble Slabs

Marble comes in many forms, and perhaps some of the best ones are blue marble and white gold marble. Blue marble countertops are considered a rare variation and are truly astonishing. You can create a Mediterranean vibe with them in your kitchen. On the other hand, white gold marble countertops are the highest point of luxury. You can be sure that anyone who gazes upon your kitchen will be in awe of the sight of your white gold marble countertops.

brown marble countertops

The Mesmerizing Muse of Brown Marble Countertops

One of the classic and very popular options, brown marble countertops are very flexible in terms of color schemes. They can fit pretty much every type of kitchen whether they are traditional, transitional, or modern. This inherent trait does not however prevent brown marble from displaying its sophisticated beauty. Brown marble countertops are also an excellent choice for the natural and romantic fall season.

granite countertop slabs

Majesty and Endurance: Granite Countertops

Granite is known as one of the most durable and beautiful natural stones in the world. No granite slab is the same as one another. The color spectrum of granite countertops is so vast that each type of granite gives its surrounding living quarters a uniquely esteemed and majestic look. We noted down some of the most popular and best granite countertop options for you.

black granite countertops

The Astonishing Royalty of Black Granite Countertops

Talking about majesty and grandeur, black granite countertops are the clear winner. Their exquisite depth and veining pattern radiate a very dominant feel and look for your kitchen. Definitely for the brave, black granite countertops are superior options for families aiming for attaining a modern look for their home.

dark gray granite countertops

The Neutral Versatility of Dark Gray Granite Countertops

One of the unique properties of gray is the fact that it can pretty much go with any color and dark gray granite countertops do this best. Its inherently versatile nature allows this color to outshine its competitors when it comes to transitional kitchen designs. Light gray granite countertops, in particular, can go with both light-colored and dark-colored kitchen cabinets. This wide selection of availability opens up many doors for you to decorate your kitchen the way you want.

river white granite countertops 2

The All-Time Favorite River White Granite Slabs

Gorgeous and fascinating, river white granite countertops are an all-time favorite of many families across the US. Comparable in terms of beauty to white marble, river white granite countertops come with top-tier qualities for your home or venue. Elegant in design, highly durable structure, and clean-lined cuts make this specific type of granite an excellent choice for your living quarters.

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