Luxurious Bathrooms with Design Details

With the passage of the notorious year of 2020, we can see that our favorite vibe is making a massive comeback to our bathrooms, and it is no other than “luxury”. Both one of our favorite words to use as an ethos when renovating our houses and seek comfort away from the stress of our daily lives, this year is sure to be a blast where luxurious details are returning to our bathrooms with full-scale diversity. From classic white sinks to modern bathroom faucets, marvelous marble to adamantly beautiful granite, from blue to natural vibes, our list of luxurious bathroom accessories will surely inspire you to renovate your home like never before! Here is a shortlist of some of the most beautiful, elegant, and vibrant bathroom design details we picked for our list.

Classical & Modern Contrasts

In our understanding, luxury begins from the most generally used items and goes all the way to the smallest details. Then if we are talking about the frequency of usage, what can beat sinks? This year’s trends seem to declare that they will be hosting epic ornate design details for their catalogs and sinks absolutely look stunning amidst them.

modern bathroom sink

We have lots of inspiration in the scenery for bathroom accessories bursting out from classical ages, no wonder that they look astonishing considering that ancient civilizations not only treasured hygiene but also found it important to decorate their surrounding environment in relation to them. That’s why it is no surprise that both marble and classical-inspired modern pieces are making a major appearance in the show with varying contrasts.

On top of that, marble bathrooms with its natural veins is another reminder why that modern bathrooms can be as much as if not more stunning than classical themes. The efficient usage of wall decorations along encompassing ranging color scheme of brown and cream had created an overall well-balanced and designed bathroom style.

golden white bathroom

While there were absolute killers in terms of elegant and luxurious details, we totally fell in love with this marble Roman-style bathroom and we are sure that it will steal the hearts of anyone adoring luxury. As one of the crowning instruments of our fashionable bathrooms, sinks are sure to keep their title with these classical and modern designs that complement soft cream and bronze-themed bathrooms with their natural vibe.

Small And Efficient Touches

modern luxury bathroom interior with white marble tiles golden accessories

You cannot talk about sinks without their inseparable partners, which are none other than faucets. Just as sinks, faucets are taking a huge portion of the spotlight with luxurious touches. The prospect of being able to customize them much more in detail in terms of craftsmanship allows some interesting design choices to appear, such as this animal-shaped ornate faucet.

dragon faucet

While such instruments can be a bold display by themselves alone, a matching habitat to accompany them is paramount. We are sure that full marble and white bathrooms will give all the comfortable space for these types of special faucets in putting their fascinating effect into full display. It can easily be said that animals that hold esoteric and religious importance such as the swan and dragon are an inspiration from the Chinese dynasties. We wonder if we will see oxen used in details as they are the zodiac sign of the Lunar Calendar for 2021.

If you are one that also likes extra touches for your bathroom, you can opt for using candles such as this wonderful bathroom in the image below. Smart usage of them in well-placed niches is sure to create warm and cozy environments.

Lighting Up the Vibe

If 2020 was the year of seclusion and fear, we’d say let’s all change this by allowing 2021 to encompass positive vibes like bravery and change. We believe that colors are still very underused in bathrooms whether they are luxurious or not and this year’s trends aim to oppose that boldly, just like the color blue making an appearance in this year’s trends.

modern bathroom interior dark blue wall

We were both surprised and hyped to see one of our more favorite and bold colors such as blue making a wide appearance in many catalogs mostly along with matching soft tonnages. As can be seen in the images, blue color tones had an astounding effect on their surroundings.

Blue granite countertops are also looking absolutely breath-taking when used on just the right scales for certain bathrooms. While they can be both used for wall tiles, we also recommend adding a dash of spark by combining neon lights to enhance your bathtub/jacuzzi experience! It will undoubtedly be the favorite of many young homeowners that seek the benefits of comfort along with a vibrant and colorful display for their modern bathrooms!

luxurious modern bathroom interior design grunge dark blue wall

Last but not least, this year’s theme also brings green back to our bathrooms in the form of none other than plants! Both adding a natural touch and interesting style, you can opt for smart placement for plants both in your showers and around the bathrooms. To accompany their vibes, taking advantage of natural sunlight and soft-white themed lightning would make your bathrooms stand-out in a special way sure to impress anyone taking a visit to your home!

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That’s it for our list of luxurious bathrooms with design details. Make sure to check out our other blog posts such as “Bathroom Design Trends 2022” and “Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Styles in 2022”. See you in the upcoming blogs and until then be safe!