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Kitchen Design Mistakes

Bringing your dream kitchen into life is both fun and challenging. You need to go over many details, carefully plan the process, work on the layout and consider unique features of your space such as natural lighting, sharp angles or the square footage. That is why kitchen renovation can become very overwhelming very quickly, or result in undesired yet lasting outcomes.

If you want to make sure that the outcome of your kitchen renovation will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, you should pay attention to common kitchen design mistakes like ignoring the needs of your household or going for unfunctional hardware.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the worst kitchen design mistakes and discuss how to avoid them. If you plan to renovate your kitchen or kitchen cabinets, keep reading!

Ignoring the unique features of your space

Your dream kitchen might have some very particular features or it might look a specific way, and it is okay! Yet while bringing that vision to life, you must also consider what your space has to offer.

For instance, darker colors make smaller spaces feel cramped. If your dream kitchen has dark kitchen cabinets but your space is not very big or does not have much natural light, making a compromise is the best way to go. Choosing a lighter backsplash and wall color, going for white or cream countertops and similar solutions can enhance the final look while helping you realize your kitchen dreams.

Designing an all-white kitchen

Designing an all-white kitchen

Yes, white is timeless and easy on the eye but you don’t need to sacrifice your personality or unique taste to create a beautiful and functional kitchen. There is a very wide range of color options for both countertops and cabinets. Explore your options before settling for a monotonous kitchen.

If you like more minimalistic or tranquil designs, you can pair white with earth tones or go for an unexpected slab for the countertops. You can create a luxurious and characteristic design by pairing white and darker hues like black or navy. Or you can combine different materials, cold and warm colors, unique accessories and textures to express who you are.

Designing a “summer” outdoor kitchen

Summer Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are supposed to function through the year. In other words, you should be able to use your outdoor kitchen in winter and fall as well. Yet this can be easily overlooked. Many homeowners often create a “warm-weather” kitchen unintentionally.

In order to make sure that your outdoor kitchen allows year-round use and can survive harsh weather conditions, opt for durable countertops like granite, quartzite and marble countertops. In addition, remember to invest in heat sources: Grills or pizza ovens are perfect for family barbecues or outdoor holiday celebrations.

Not considering the other cooks in the family

During the design process, many people tend to create a kitchen that serves one cook at a time. They choose a layout with only one main preparation area, choose a crammed place for the stovetop or reserve a very small space near the sink.

Yet in an average household, multiple family members are involved with the cooking process regularly. All in all, cooking together with your partner or kids is a blissful activity. That is why it is essential to create enough space for preparing and cooking food in your kitchen.

If you have enough room, try adding a second sink and leaving the counter space around the stovetop empty, so that two people can use it at the same time.

If you don’t have much room, carefully plan your layout in order to accommodate two cooks at the same time.

Not paying enough attention to lighting

Not paying enough attention to lighting

Many interior design experts argue that lighting ties the room together and affects the atmosphere greatly. That is why you should pay attention to the light fixtures. You can incorporate a statement piece that is both functional and playful to highlight your unique taste. In order to create a warm, inviting ambiance in your kitchen, you can pair accent lighting with appropriate recessed lighting.