Kitchen Craft Cabinetry


Kitchen Craft utilizes the latest technology and design developments for its products and offers the highest-quality contemporary designs for kitchen cabinets. With their contemporary kitchen cabinets that have different colors, details, and finishes, you can perfectly complement your contemporary kitchen design.


If you want to create harmony in your kitchen by bringing traditional and contemporary styles together, Kitchen Craft’s transitional kitchen cabinets are your ideal choice. Kitchen Craft allows you to combine contemporary and traditional design elements with transitional cabinetry options so that you can enjoy your unique kitchen design with your loved ones.

Having been manufacturing fine quality cabinetry in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for over 50 years, Kitchen Craft continues to realize homeowners’ dreams to create their desired kitchen designs. Offering design flexibility, Kitchen Craft lets customers reflect their own approaches and styles through their cabinetry choices. Kitchen Craft is a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program, meaning they use environmentally responsible products and reduce environmental impact by recycling wastes and using low emission coating.

Kitchen Craft offers high-quality kitchen cabinets with different styles, finishes, and details in which you can find the one that you will realize you have found the missing piece of your dream kitchen design. Kitchen Craft is aware of the fact that more than just providing storage, cabinetry helps you create an ambiance through which you can express your design approach. The brand ensures to create lifestyle expressions with their cabinets suitable for every budget.

Whether you are searching for contemporary, traditional, or transitional kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Craft will be the right choice for your dream home kitchen through which you can express your own story. As one of the top Kitchen Craft cabinets dealers, Bergen Cabinets & Countertops will be more than happy to guide you regarding any of your needs for kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Craft Cabinets are made of many different quality materials in which you can pick the most suited one for your kitchen design. Some of these materials are Cherry, Maple, Oak, Rift Oak, and Bamboo.
Kitchen Craft produces kitchen cabinets with the highest quality. The brand offers a wide variety of kitchen cabinets that reflect its mission to provide cabinets that help homeowners reflect their unique style approach.
Ideally, you would want to get your new Kitchen Craft cabinets from a trusted and well-known supplier. Bergen Cabinets & Countertops have years of experience in the kitchen design industry and are one of the best suppliers for Kitchen Craft Cabinets.
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