Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is where the main activity of the home takes place and as such it is usually given special attention to make the whole kitchen space inviting and as glamorous as possible. Hence, in this piece, we will be looking at some modern kitchen cabinet designs that can help to add class and simplicity to your kitchen.

There are a couple of things that can be used in setting up your kitchen; some of these are stainless steel, veneer wood, floating shelves, and the painting is also an important part of the kitchen design as it is good to choose the right colors for the kitchen walls, the kitchen cabinets, and the color of tiles used for the flooring.

modern kitchen
  • Modern White Kitchen Cabinets: White kitchen cabinets is gaining more popularity, with homeowners seeing it as a universal choice that matches almost all kind of kitchen designs and wall and kitchen colors. It reflects a kind of sunshine and glistening radiance into your home. White kitchen cabinets pair well with all kinds of finishes such as melamine, veneer, glossy lacquer, and it complements various kinds of drawer pulls. White kitchen cabinet is an easy choice for you as it is appealing except that it has to be properly maintained because it reflects the slightest of stains.
modern white kitchen cabinets
  • Distressed Gun Metal Steel Kitchen Cabinets: This kind of kitchen design is the envy of every eye, it is a minimalist and clean style that gives the illusion that makes your kitchen look way different from what a regular kitchen should look like. The cupboards become a piece of stylish art or furniture. The kitchen cabinets are hot-rolled steel, and galvanized with a clear coat finish; the finished look is nothing short of amazing! To have this kind of custom-made kitchen cabinet, you will have to engage the services of a cabinet door maker and fabricator.
modern kitchens
  • Replacing Floating Shelves with Kitchen Cabinetry: The aim of modern kitchen designs is to achieve clean lines, and what better way to achieve an open floor, and a clean kitchen space than installing floating shelves. Floating shelves is a way to add straight lines that combines well with any contemporary or modern kitchen design. The usual style is to have floating shelves as the upper cabinets and the closed cabinetry doors for the bottom half of the kitchen. The use of floating shelve helps to provide room to store unsightly utensils and appliances in order to open up more spaces in the kitchen.
  • Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets: Lacquered kitchen cabinets are always looking bright, colorful, and shiny in your kitchen like a newly painted car. Lacquer cabinets are made by applying several coats of lacquer which is then followed by polishing and waxing to give a good finished surface. When properly manufactured, lacquer finishes are scratch-resistant and durable. It is sleek, clean, glossy, and its aesthetic is unmatched. They also come in different colors but they have to be properly maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure they keep that shiny and clean aura.
modern kitchen lacquered kitchen cabinets

These are just a few of the modern kitchen cabinets we have out there today, there some other ones made of veneer woods, stainless steel, and stained wood kitchen cabinet styles among others. You can research more about the various kitchen cabinets and decide which one will best suit your style and taste.