Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The word “modern” means current or contemporary. However, when it comes to interior design, it refers to a family of styles that are not exactly contemporary. This can cause a lot of confusion. Kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors are also affected by this style. Unlike traditional kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets look simple yet beautiful. However, that is not the only aspect that differentiates them.

This article will take a closer look at modern kitchen cabinets. First of all, let’s take a look at what modern design is.

What is Modern Design?

The modern design originates from Europe. After World War I, the design trends shifted towards a “starting from zero” approach. Designers started putting away their traditional ideas and focusing on minimalist approaches. Modern design is all about taking a design down to its essential functions while looking beautiful.

You may have already heard the term “mid-century modern.” It can simply be described as an American interior design trend that developed right after World War II. Mid-century modern style combines the ideas of the minimalism of Modern design with an emphasis on manufactured materials.

The contemporary design follows the ideas of Modern style with the industrial materials of the 21st century. Contemporary style lacks the elements like ornamentation, just like Modern style. Another vital aspect of contemporary style is that it can combine ideas of Modern with other styles, like Farmhouse or Mediterranean styles.

What are Modern Kitchen Cabinets?

As mentioned above, the modern design originated around World War I. It features geometric forms, flat surfaces, and minimal ornamentation. Modern kitchen cabinets can easily be characterized by their simple and sleek looks. However, that doesn’t mean they all feature precisely the same model. Modern kitchen cabinets use new and bolder ideas to create aesthetically pleasing kitchen areas. Here are some characteristics that define modern kitchen cabinets.

  • Human-Made Materials: While this is not a definitive rule, modern-style kitchen cabinets utilize manufactured materials. Materials such as metal, plastic, semi-opaque, and frosted glass can all be used in modern kitchen cabinets. Traditional kitchen cabinets were made of one type of solid wood. Modern kitchen cabinets, however, can combine materials like wood, glass, and metal to create their unique style. You can find beautifully painted kitchen cabinets with frosted glass and brass handles in modern kitchen cabinets.
  • Frosted Glass: Frosted glass is utilized in modern kitchen cabinets a lot. Their beautiful looks are there, but their function is also essential. Frosted glass covers up the contents of your kitchen cabinets and creates a fitting look to your modern kitchen décor.
  • Frameless Cabinets: Modern cabinets can ditch the frame for a simpler look. This also causes your cabinets more room to hold your kitchenware. Frameless cabinets use full-overlay doors, which instantly increases the minimalist style of your modern kitchen cabinets.
  • New Colors: Traditional kitchen cabinets used natural wood and wood veneer colors. Despite that, color is another unique feature of modern kitchen cabinets. A wide range of colors can be used to create mesmerizing modern-style kitchens. For example, less traditional colors like deep blues or bright oranges can be seen in modern kitchen designs.
  • Floating Shelves: Modern kitchen design can utilize floating shelves which create an area of interest in your kitchen. The sleek lines they provide will instantly create defined areas. Floating shelves can also be installed in areas deemed too small to add another cabinet. You can even make a bold statement by adding long and continuous shelves in a tall kitchen area.
  • Open Cabinets: Kitchen cabinets can feature various door types, such as frosted glass, stained glass, or framed glass. However, the modern kitchen style can remove the door to make simple open cabinets. This way, you will keep the lines of your design while showcasing your kitchenware. They are the perfect way to show off your beautiful cups or glasses.
  • Simple Handles: The essential aspect of modern style is that it strays away from ornamentation. That is why the handles of modern kitchen cabinets are simple as well. Tubular or rectangular bar pulls are common with modern kitchen cabinets. They don’t feature any type of fancy decorations, so that they can complement your cabinets’ minimalist lines. Depending on the colors of your cabinets, materials such as stainless steel, chrome, or brass can be used for handles.
  • No Handles: Modern and contemporary styles can even eliminate the handles on your kitchen cabinets. Instead of adding handles to your cabinet doors, finger grooves are another fantastic way. By removing the handles, you will be furthering the minimalist look of your kitchen cabinets.

To Sum It Up

As you can see, modern-style kitchens are all about simplicity. No matter which colors you pick, the structure of your kitchen cabinets and their simple looks is the most important thing. They feature clean and sleek cabinet doors which avoid excessive details. Ornamentations such as crown moldings or decorative carvings are avoided to have flat and sleek surfaces.

Modern kitchen design allows people to have spacious and airy feels in their kitchen areas. No matter the size of your kitchen, modern kitchen cabinets can help you create a simple yet elegant look. While smaller kitchens benefit from the functionality of modern kitchen cabinets, larger kitchens utilize them to further the effects of their large space.

Popular Questions About Modern Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets that avoid excessive details and feature slab doors are considered modern. Any kitchen cabinet without crown molding, raised panels, or decorative carvings can be used in modern kitchen designs.
As the name suggests, they are often made in Europe and feature flat surfaces and sleek finishes. They provide a look and feel of high-end kitchen cabinetry, which is also sleek and stylish.
Generally speaking, contemporary cabinets feature squares with crisp corners and perfectly defined edges. They have minimalist and stylish cabinet doors with smooth surfaces without ornamentation.
Modern kitchen cabinets feature flat slab doors or manufactured materials that avoid excessive details. They also avoid crown moldings, raised panels, decorative carvings, or handles. Modern kitchen cabinets are all about simple and sleek surfaces.
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