Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are, without a doubt, the most important design element in the kitchen area due to the area they cover. They are the perfect piece to set the tone of your kitchen. They provide both functionality and aesthetics for your kitchen. Wood kitchen cabinets are timeless classics for their natural appearance, durability, and functionality.Keep reading to learn more about wood kitchen cabinets to make a more informed decision.

Pros of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinets are one of the best materials you can get for your kitchen design. They have been quite popular throughout time for their many advantages. Let’s examine what makes them one of the top picks.
  • Strength & Durability: Wooden cabinetry can easily be classified as high quality for any kitchen cabinet project. They are known for their durability and stability. Wood kitchen cabinets can last years, even for a lifetime.
  • Easy to Maintain: Wood kitchen cabinets are waxed or painted, which makes them quite resistant to dirt and stains. Unlike other kitchen cabinet materials, wood kitchen cabinets are easy to clean. Even if your cabinet doors get scratched, they can easily be repaired by sanding the area and applying another finish.
  • Natural Beauty: Wood kitchen cabinets bring the beauty of nature into your kitchens. The warmth and character they get into your home will definitely increase the sophistication level of your kitchen. Each type of wood has its unique characteristics in terms of graining and color. This makes them quite ideal for making personal touches since there will be no same cabinetry anywhere else.
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood is a renewable natural resource with little impact on the environment. Unlike materials like petroleum products, wood cabinets cause less stress to the environment. They can also easily be recycled if you wish to dispose of them.
  • Versatile: Since wood is easy to work with, you can easily have any size or shape you desire. You will be able to build your dream kitchen with wooden kitchen cabinets. Also, various colors and grains are in different types of woods, which means you can find one that fits your décor perfectly. You can also paint and stain your wood cabinets to further personalize your kitchen design.
  • Increase Home Value: Solid wood cabinets are durable and will last a lifetime when maintained properly. They will surely keep their beauty with proper cleaning, polishing, and avoiding damage. Other inexpensive materials can easily be damaged and lose value over time. Wood kitchen cabinets can easily be classified as a permanent investment into your home and are worth considering.
  • Inexpensive Refacing: If you ever need to change your cabinet’s door style, it is quite easy with wood kitchen cabinets. Simply applying varnish, sanding, or even painting can change the look and feel of your wood kitchen cabinets.

Cons of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

As with all cabinet materials, wood has advantages and disadvantages. There are several potential drawbacks when it comes to wood kitchen cabinets. Let’s take a look at them.
  • Relatively Expensive: Solid wood cabinets cost a little more than most of the other types of cabinet materials, such as plywood, laminate, or MDF. Their higher durability, quality, and beauty cause an increase in the price. Wood kitchen cabinets are a perfect fit for luxury and elegance.
  • Prone to Water Damage: Wood is a hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture from the environment. This can cause swelling with prolonged exposure to water or moisture. However, this can easily be prevented by simply using a high-quality coating to seal your wood kitchen cabinets.
  • Prone to Warping & Cracking: Wood kitchen cabinets can warp or crack if exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity over a long period. Wood can also shrink and crack when temperature or humidity gets very low. Investing in a humidifier or a dehumidifier can help prevent these effects if your home is in an extreme area. Generally speaking, simply wiping any water or liquids that spill on your cabinets will be enough to keep them dry and undamaged.
  • Susceptible to Termite Infestation: Termites can cause damage to your wood kitchen cabinets since they are naturally attracted to wooden surfaces. Using a termite bond to treat your kitchen will prevent this and keep your wood kitchen cabinets intact.

Wood Kitchen Cabinet Design Tips

With so many options, designing wood kitchen cabinets is easy and fun. People often think that wood kitchen cabinets feel too traditional. However, their popularity has been increasing thanks to some interesting techniques. So no matter which style of kitchen you have, wood kitchen cabinets will elevate the looks of your kitchen décor. Here are some tips that may help you while designing with them.
  • Modern kitchens can utilize wood kitchen cabinets with raw grains. The natural beauty of the wood will be entirely on display. With so many options of timber available, you can find the perfect one that fits your color scheme.
  • Pairing two different wood surfaces create a mesmerizing look. Using wood flooring along with wood kitchen cabinets is a winning combination. You can create beautiful contrasts to make bold statements.
  • Contemporary kitchen designs utilize darker tones. Choosing dark wood kitchen cabinets will instantly make your kitchen look more dramatic.
  • Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets are perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. If you are going for a rustic kitchen décor, the timeworn looks of reclaimed wood will make a statement for your kitchen design.
  • If you are going for a mid-century modern look for your kitchen, choosing flat-front cabinetry will help you create a warm and homey look. The timeless looks of wood will make your kitchen feel more like a living space rather than a cold cooking station.
Pine, oak, hickory, cherry, and maple are the top 5 picks for wood kitchen cabinets. Cherry and maple are the pricier ones since they are harder to get. They all work fine in the kitchen’s hot and humid environment.
They are both excellent materials when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are made from natural wood and are strong, beautiful, and durable. MDF kitchen cabinets offer a smooth finish and can withstand changes in heat and humidity, much better than the solid wood option.
Wood kitchen cabinets are timeless classics. Their classic, authentic, and timeless looks never truly go out of style. Thanks to their many qualities, they can easily be incorporated into any home décor.
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