How to Choose the Right Kitchen Layout

The layout is the most important element of a kitchen design. Creating a new kitchen, remodelling or renovating an old one or making small tweaks to update how your kitchen looks –Either way, you need to pay great attention to the layout.

A mesmerizing design with a poorly constructed layout is nothing but pain. Imagine having your dishwasher, silverware drawer and sink far apart from one another. Very simple tasks like loading and unloading the dishwasher would be tiring and annoying processes, wouldn’t they? That is why a functional layout that answers all your needs and respects the features of your kitchen (like its shape or size) is a must. But how will you decide on a layout? What should you pay attention to? What are the different layout options? Worry not, we will answer all these questions and offer you useful tips in this article. So, keep reading!

First, identify your needs!

Your kitchen design layout must answer your needs. That is why you must first identify your needs and set your expectations. Consider your cooking habits, size of your household and so forth: Do you like entertaining your guests in your kitchen? How many people cook there at the same time? Do you use your kitchen purely for cooking and eating or do you like having your tea or coffee there, conversing with family members, helping kids with their homework etc? Try to answer these questions before making a decision.

…Then, consider what your space has to offer

Unique features of your kitchen should guide your layout decisions. Does your kitchen have sharp angles, prominent columns, posts or beams? If so, you need to find a way to incorporate them to your design or work around them. In addition, the size of your kitchen is another important factor. Islands or u-shaped layouts can make your space very crammed, or make it impossible for more than one people to cook at the same time.

There are many layout options like galley or L-shaped. Each of these options offer a different set of benefits so we advise you to carefully evaluate these benefits before making a commitment. Take look at the most popular kitchen layout designs below to see which one suits your home better.

Most popular kitchen layouts

Line Kitchen

line kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, this is the best layout for you! Line kitchens run along a single wall; thus, it has a very simple and functional design. Many homeowners and interior design professionals opt for line kitchen layout for apartments because of its pragmaticism and versatility.

You can incorporate different cabinet sizes (like small cabinets or extra-large cabinets) and styles to line kitchen layout to reflect your unique taste or create elegant designs. From shaker cabinets to flat panel cabinets, line kitchen layout works very well with a wide range of options.

If you have ample space but like the simplicity of line kitchen, you can incorporate a cabinet island as well.

L-shaped kitchen

l shaped kitchen

As its name suggests, l-shaped kitchen has two sides and one is longer than the other. If you have a spacious kitchen and would like an open plan, l-shaped kitchen layout is perfect for you. Due to offering a lot of open space, l-shaped kitchen can accommodate more than one people cooking at the same time. Also, it is the perfect layout for people who like to entertain their guests in the kitchen or need a functional space that acts like a dining room, work hub and much more.

The downside of the l-shaped kitchen is the fact that it does not offer much storage. Creating a functional corner cabinet or adding a kitchen island with storage solutions can help you if you need more room for storage.

U-shaped kitchen

u shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchen run along three walls and offer a lot of room for storage. If you have a busy household or want to accommodate many people cooking at the same time, u-shaped kitchen layout is perfect for you since it offers wider counter space.

In addition, u-shaped kitchen offers you the chance to create the golden triangle in order to maximize the efficiency.

The downsize of u-shaped kitchen is that you need a big, spacious kitchen otherwise it might end up very cramped.

Galley kitchen

galley kitchen 1

Galley kitchen offers efficiency and functionality. In a galley kitchen layout, you have two parallel walls where the kitchen cabinets are placed.

Galley layout is very ideal for spacious kitchens and it offers lots of storage space but if you like to entertain your guests in the kitchen, this might not be the best configuration for you. You might end up being isolated from your guests. If you want the functionality of galley kitchen without compromising the entertainment factor, you can open up one side of the galley to your dining room or living space. This way you can create a lovely bar as well, but you will need to sacrifice some storage space and galley cabinet.

If you are still confused or would like to request a sample drawing to see which kitchen layout looks better in your home, feel free to get in touch with us. We offer free consultation with remodelling processes along with free home measurement.