Cambria Countertops

Brave. Bold. Revolutionary. Iconic. Cambria Countertops are for the fearless. Offering unequalled designs, Cambria kitchen countertops aim to help you design a living space that reflects your true self. You can find unique colors, diverse designs and high-quality materials in Cambria Quartz and create your dream home.Cambria Quartz Countertops are considerably more durable than marble or granite due to its improved hardness. Moreover, Cambria surfaces are less likely to stain, scratch or chip. As a result, they can withstand heavy use, heat and UV lights for decades.Cambria stone is nonporous and non-absorbent, which means Cambria slabs offer a healthy alternative that won’t draw moisture from food and harbor bacteria. If you don’t want to worry about your safety or spend hours maintaining and polishing your countertops, take a closer look at Cambria solid surfaces. You will be amazed by the unmatched durability, improved strength and superior performance of Cambria.If you would like to learn more about Cambria countertops cost or Cambria custom countertops, feel free to contact us. We offer free quote, in-home measurement and survey.

Cambria Quartz Colors

Cambria offers an expansive design palette and stunning features that highlight the natural beauty of Silestone quartz colors. You can create thousands of unique kitchen and bathroom designs using Silestone countertop colors and different finishes.If you need some inspiration, see the most popular Silestone colors below.

Cambria Bentley Quartz

Bentley Cambria Quartz has bold charcoal veins and gray spatters that will instantly add more character to your living space. Dark, thick veins create a stylish contrast with the white, pure base color. If you want to highlight the color of your cabinets or incorporate a statement piece into your kitchen, Bentley countertop is what you need.

Cambria Seagrove

With its rich texture and natural beauty, Cambria’s Seagrove quartz will bring elegance to your living spaces. This sophisticated slab has a light gray base color and thick, darker gray veins. You can combine Seagrove countertop with warm, vivid colors to create a contrast or more muted, earthy tones to create an upper scale design for your bathroom or kitchen.

Cambria Ella Quartz

Perfected with diligent engineering, Cambria’s Ella countertop can do everything marble can, and some more. Ella quartz is a durable and sustainable alternative to marble. It requires minimal care and can withhold heavy use, heath or UV lights. With its creamy white colour and thin veins, Ella Quartz countertop works well with both traditional and modern designs.

Cambria Ironsbridge

Having a light color and thin, gray veins, Cambria Ironsbridge Quartz is very stylish. It’s warm hues and granite-like look makes Ironsbridge quartz a staple. You can incorporate the welcoming style and harmonious look of Ironsbridge countertop into designs that has earthy tones and a traditional flair.

Skara Brae Cambria

Skara Brae countertop is the secret to create an unforgettable, unique space. This slab is known to have a distinct look that successfully brings pure, white base color and gray, thick and thin veins. The bone white hue of Cambria’s Skara Brae can work well with modern, sleek kitchen designs or fresh bathroom designs.

Cambria Weybourne

Its rich texture and light colors make Cambria Weybourne Quartz look very sophisticated. If you want to highlight the natural beauty of the quartz mineral and create a contemporary, young and upscale look in your living space, you must take a closer look at this exceptionally beautiful slab.

Cambria Windermere

Cambria Windermere Quartz brings warm hues and golden veins together. The large pattern enhanced with shiny, gold details make Windermere very unique. The extended durability of quartz mineral makes Cambria Windermere very suitable for heavy use, that is why you can incorporate it into designs intended for both residential and commercial installations.

Cambria Annicca

Cambria Annicca Quartz redefines classic marble look with regal gold and purple sparkle. Significantly more durable and more resistant to heat, scratches and UV lights, Cambria’s Annicca countertop will stand the test of time. If you want to create unique and sophisticated living spaces that will remain intact for generations, Cambria Annicca is what you need.

Cambria Montgomery Quartz

Cambria Montgomery Countertop is often preferred for its durability, high resistance to heat, UV light and scratches. This unique slab is best known for its unique look that brings bone white, light blue, green veins and a pearlescent sparkle together. If you want to add a little color to your kitchen or bathroom, go for Mongomery countertop.

Cambria Brittanica

Cambria Brittanica Quartz has a creamy, white base color and gray, swirly veins. If you are after a sophisticated look, Brittanica quartz has a lot to offer. You can incorporate this versatile quartz countertop with both muted and vivid colors and various styles.

Cambria Crowndale Quartz

Crowndale Cambria Quartz brings warm cream and beige hues to your living space. Inspired by the natural texture and beauty of quartz, Crowndale has a warm, light base color and rich, gray and light green swirls. You can incorporate Crowndale with green, dark brown, black or white cabinets to create modern, fascinating kitchens.

Cambria Fairbourne

Cambria Fairbourne Quartz has a rich and warm shade that will create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in your living space. You can opt for installing Fairborne countertops to highlight the peaceful, soothing nature of your kitchen or bathroom. This pristine slab looks impeccable when combined with earthy, muted cabinets.

Cambria Bradshaw

Cambria Bradshaw Quartz is inspired by the stained glasses of mighty churches and will grace your living space with its classy look. This slab has a saturated, calm, creamy base color. Bradshaw countertop’s texture is elevated by copper flecks and has a mesmerizing fusion of black, taupe and tan whirl.

Cambria Bellingham Quartz

Bellingham Cambria Countertop aims to highlight the natural, bewitching beauty of quartz while offering enhanced durability and resistance to UV light, heat and scratching. In addition, the rich texture and allure of Cambria Quartz works well with both contemporary, modern designs and more traditional ones.

Darlington Cambria

Cambria Darlington Quartz has a serene and collected look that works very well with muted, neutral colors and sophisticated designs. This unique slab is known for its warm, collected, cream base enhanced with eye catching beige and gray speckles. If you are after a bold look that makes a statement, you can pair Cambria countertops with dark brown cabinets.

Cambria Laneshaw

Rich and saturated, Cambria Laneshaw Quartz will impress you. Inspired by the natural beauty and dignity of quartz mineral, Laneshaw is designed to bring elegance and sophistication to your living space. This slab brings together the mysterious, dark tones of brown and black with creamy, light swirls.

Cambria Buckingham

Golden hues and rich browns make Cambria Buckingham Quartz look very regal and elevated. Inspired by the noble and grand architectural style of Buckingham Palace in London, Cambria’s Buckingham slab will make your living space feel very royal. You can pair Buckingham countertop with brown, dark brown or creamy cabinets to create a sophisticated kitchen.

Cambria Newport Quartz

Cambria Quartz Newport looks sleek and polished. This contemporary slab has a pure, cool white base and thin, light gray veins. Bringing together the elegance and sophistication of granite and durability of quartz, Cambria Newport quartz will instantly elevate your living space and allow you to create unique designs.

Cambria Berkeley Quartz

Cambria Berkeley Countertop is characterized by copper swirls, bronze swim and cream veins on a rich beige base color. It aims to offer the elegant and upscale appearance of marble while having the durability and ease of use of the quartz mineral. You can pair Berkeley countertop with both light, cool hues and darker, richer colors to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Cambria Berwyn

Cambria Berwyn Quartz offers a beautiful and very durable alternative to marble. This unique member of Cambria’s Waterstone Collection is known for its light colour, rich texture and majestic swirls that bring cream, taupe, gray and earthy tones together. You can incorporate Cambria Berwyn countertops into neutral, muted design palettes.

Family Owned, American Made

Cambria is a family-owned, American-made producer. As the industry leans toward a globalization trend, Cambria’s authentic roots and sincere approach makes it unique and strong. Offering hand-crafted, carefully designed products, Cambria has managed to be an industry leader for over two decades without compromising its integrity and candid business approach.

Cambria natural quartz surfaces offer mesmerizing beauty, high-quality, unprecedented durability and convenience. You can trust Cambria slabs for decades without having to worry about maintenance.

If you want to revamp your home with the unsurpassed products of Cambria, feel free to derive inspiration from our unique Cambria applications. As an authorized distributor of Cambria natural quartz surfaces, we provide tailor-made design solutions for your needs.

Feel free to contact us for your queries regarding Cambria countertops cost and Cambria prices.

Cambria countertops mostly cost between $85-$135 per square foot. If you are looking for standard dimensions of countertop space, which can be around 30 square feet, your budget would range anywhere between $2,550 to $4,050. We highly suggest you install your Cambria countertops with assistance from professionals to avoid any possible damages during installation.
Cleaning Cambria countertops are easy. You can simply use a clean wool or microfibre cloth with basic household cleaning products to clean them. Just be careful to not use strong and abrasive substances such as chemicals, alkaline, oxidizers, or similar cleaners.
Cambria countertops are made from pure natural quartz stones, which are one of the hardest minerals found on Earth. They are highly-durable and very easy to maintain when used as surfaces for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, backsplashes, wall tiles, vanities, and fireplaces.
Cambria countertops are beautiful, strong, and maintenance-free countertops. They are food-safe by being non-absorbent as well as stain-resistant to common household liquids such as coffee, tea, and wine. Each and every slab of Cambria countertop is made from natural materials, thus, they are very elegant and beautiful. Taking into account all these traits, it is safe to state that Cambria is a very good countertop brand.
Cambria is considered a high-end countertop brand. Their products are very durable and marvelous in appearance. Cambria countertops can be a bit pricier in comparison to granite or marble countertops. However, this is well warranted as they are made from very high-quality materials with superior technology.
Cambria countertops are made from natural quartz stones mixed with engineered polymers, which make an already tough material even tougher. While they are highly durable, quartz can be scratched by sharp knives. That’s why we do not suggest that you cut on your Cambria countertops. Instead, use a cutting board for preparing your meals.
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