Brown Granite

Among natural stones, granite is one of the most preferred choices for countertops; brown granite countertops are a prime example. Thanks to their natural beauty and durability, there is no doubt that they are so popular among homeowners, interior designers, and architects.

In this article, we are going to explore brown granite countertops and why they are a top choice for your kitchens and bathrooms. Let’s take a look at what makes this natural stone popular.

Benefits of Brown Granite Countertops

  • Durable: Granite is known for its extreme durability. Granite scores a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means your granite countertops are definitely going to be scratch resistant. They will certainly last for decades if cared for properly. 

  • Heat Resistant: Granite is formed under high pressure and heat under the earth, which makes it extremely heat resistant. Your brown granite countertops will never melt or blister when exposed to heat. However, placing hot pots or pans is discouraged since the heat can damage the sealant on your countertop’s surface. Using a heating pad or a trivet is recommended.

  • Stain Resistant: Granite is a porous natural stone, which means if liquids are left on the surface, they can seep into the stone. Which then can result in permanent stains or discolorations. Because of this, all-natural stone surfaces are sealed during installation. The sealant fills the pores, making your granite countertops extremely stain resistant. Your brown granite countertops will remain stain resistant as long as they are sealed. 

  • Beauty: Each and every slab of granite is unique, featuring individual colors, patterns, and veins. This beauty of nature will enable you to have a personalized countertop that will only exist in your kitchens or bathrooms. Brown granite has a wide variety of colors; you’re sure to find the one that fits perfectly into your home. They feature colors like subtle grays, blacks, tans, or whites. Brown granite countertops are ideal for creating a warm and inviting space.

  • Add Value: Granite countertops last a long time, so they can be considered long-term investments. They not only add an instant upscale to your kitchen’s beauty but also increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will definitely love well-taken-care of granite countertops.

Drawbacks of Brown Granite Countertops

  • Price: Granite is not a low-end material so it can be pricey depending on the slab. Especially if you pick a rare granite slab, in addition to the price of the stone itself, the installation requires professionals, which also adds to the cost. 

  • Porous: Like all natural stones, granite has a porous nature. If not appropriately sealed, your granite countertops could absorb liquids, resulting in stains. These liquids can cause bacteria to grow in the pores as well. To avoid all these, it is essential to get your countertop resealed once a year.

  • Seams: Since granite is a natural stone, it isn’t manufactured in the desired sizes. Depending on your kitchen design, your brown granite countertops can have up to 3 seams, especially if you have an L or U-shaped countertop. The seams are generally more visible in lighter colors.

Brown granite was quite popular 20-30 years ago. However, that doesn’t mean they are out of style. Brown granite countertops can be combined with other furniture or backsplashes to create a modern and inviting space.
The color brown gives your décor earthy and warm tones. Black, white, yellow, beige, green, or any color can be used to create a beautiful design. After all, every color coexists with brown in nature.
It is impossible to give a definitive price since each granite slab has its price. The price depends on the rarity of the slabs. Brown granite countertops are not the cheapest option out there with their beautiful and durable natures.
Yes, brown granite is one of the most common types of all granite colors. There are various types of brown granite, and no matter which one you pick, they will look amazing. If you are going for a grounded and earthy feel, brown granite is a top choice.