Black Kitchen and Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen designs are bold, elegant, and timeless. You may think how a dark color will fit into the kitchen set up but it’s only because you are mostly used to seeing kitchen with light color designs. Today, most of the top interior designers are beginning to adopt black color in designing the home space and the kitchen.

black kitchen cabinets

There are wide range of black kitchen designs and ideas that you can adopt in your home depending on your choice and what you feel is good for your kitchen space based on size and your budget. Some of the designs available today include monochromatic mid-century kitchen, shiny brick backsplash, all-black industrial kitchen, clean contemporary kitchen, black and tan kitchen, wood and black combination kitchen, elegant black and gold kitchen, black accent kitchen, and black backdrop kitchen among others. We will have a brief description of what these different black kitchen cabinet designs look like and how they are capable of giving our kitchen an edgy look.

  • Shiny Brick Backsplash: Brick and shiny colors are usually not paired together, but with a cost of high gloss, they can be a real delight to behold. This type of kitchen design gives a sense of coolness and an ambient environment that is welcoming and good to the eye.
black kitchen
  • All-Black Industrial Kitchen: An all-black kitchen design with black kitchen cabinets is a real deal when combined with a perfect natural lighting. The lighting helps to provide illumination and add color to the entire kitchen space. The color of the lighting should be carefully selected to march the black kitchen cabinets.
all black kitchen
  • Black and Tan Kitchen: It includes beautiful light grain woods, contemporary black cabinetry, and accents gives the kitchen a crispy look. It is most suitable for homes with large kitchen space, and when it is combined with the right lighting it’s usually awesome.
black and kitchen
  • Elegant Black and Gold Kitchen: This type of kitchen design gives your kitchen a kind of swanky look like the one you will find in a bar, but who cares? As long as it looks good. It includes the use of stylish gold bars with a trendy open shelves where you can put items.
elegant black kitchen
  • Black Accent Kitchen: This is an eclectic kitchen design that uses black subway tiles and countertops to add a beautiful dark look to your cooking space. Remember, your kitchen is a place you visit every day and as such it should be well-designed to suit your taste.

To make things a bit rosy, you can add black countertops, have a lacquered finished cabinet, add some ebony cabinets, or have an obsidian backsplash. Black is a beautiful color to behold especially when it is properly combined with some amazing color that can complement the color “black”.

Whichever way you choose to go it is down to your preferences and the size of your kitchen but trust me, the idea of a black kitchen cabinet is awesome! You can call on us at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops for a free in-home measurement, free 3D design, and installation; our services are fast and reliable.