Bathroom Design Trends 2022

2022 undoubtedly changed our perspectives regarding our homes’ environment as most of us spent our days sheltered during the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, we saw many people spending extra time decorating their homes. While the bathroom design trends for 2022 were mostly focused on luxurious selections with the sudden- and highly required- need for increased hygiene, the interest for easy-to-clean surfaces within both kitchens and bathrooms peaked considerably. Also, according to data, with the coming of winter and the numerous health benefits coming from warmth and salt, jacuzzis and saunas are increasingly sought by homeowners to add a luxurious touch to our homes. When preparing our list for iconic and innovative bathroom design trends for 2022 we focused on picking some of the sleekest and modern selections that reflected well-being and relaxation.


bathroom lighting 1

In our current era, lighting for bathrooms is becoming more than just basic appliances that we install once and forget. As bathrooms become increasingly more a place of escape from our daily stress and a hub for relaxation so are the color tones that we inhibit within them. When we talk about color palettes for bathroom designs what comes to mind for most of us is undoubtedly lighting, which plays a huge role in this regard.  You can use cool design choices for lightning to match the coloring of your bathroom cabinets, wall tiles, and sinks in the most basic manner. Additionally, with the inclusion of technology, you can add smart options to your bathroom with dimmer switches, motion sensors, or connected controls. You can add lighting to your mirrors, vanities, and showers for an extra cool touch.

Wall & Floor Tiles

wall and floor tiles

While there are certainly bigger considerations for bathroom designs such as jacuzzis and saunas that come to mind when thinking about renovation, wall and floor tiles are very important in terms of determining the tone of your bathroom. This year’s bathroom trends focus on exotic and art-inspired touches that favor a larger spectrum of colors that match granite and marble design choices. Among popular bathroom types, it is easy to spot the backsplash that have rough bohemian-inspired surfaces along with experimental touches that favor colorful bathroom options to match your bathroom faucets.


modern bathroom with big mirror

Mirrors are where most of us start our day to observe and reflect upon ourselves, that’s why we believe acquiring a large, sleek-looking mirror would be a great choice for a modern bathroom style. This year’s trends shift towards plain and fresh designs that compliment your bathroom appliances along with marble or granite bathroom countertops. If you like to add extra jam to your mornings you can consider a smart mirror with Bluetooth-enabled audio speakers that are used with touch buttons. You can adjust the volume by simply touching the panel and voila- you’re set for singing along your shower! For extra smart options, you can consider the ones with lighting as we mentioned above or opt for one with a temperature reader for increased utility. Additionally, a large mirror is a bonus if you have space, to use it at the same time with your loved ones!


new modern washroom with jacuzzi

If we are truly talking about modern bathroom design ideas jacuzzis are the magnum opus in this regard. Not only do they set the entire tone for your bathrooms with their luxurious look and feel but they also possess endless health benefits. Considered as the oasis of well-being, jacuzzis relieve stress, relax your muscles, enhance your sleep, improve your insulin sensitivity and even burn calories through heat and the addition of special salts, which you can acquire almost from any local market these days. We suggest using dead sea salt for stress relief and skincare routines. 

bathroom trends

You can additionally use scented candles and natural odors such as the recently popular palo santo incense to create a truly relaxing environment for your bathroom. The recent trend for soaking has also a new name; “cocooning”. This most naturally comes from the fact that people embrace the comfort and lovely sense of luxury within jacuzzis.

contemporary wood bathroom with plants

We expect to see bronze and natural wood choices becoming highly sought for 2022-bathroom design trends as more people are opting for natural-looking variations that would vibe with their bathroom accessories.

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