White Granite Countertops

Granite has many advantages when used as a kitchen countertop, and its popularity has been on the rise for many years. Kitchen designers are using them when designing a new home or remodeling one. White granite countertops are quite popular due to their beautiful and elegant looks. People love white granite colors for several reasons; here is why; they look clean, fresh, and calming while strong and durable. Since it is an investment, it is essential to pick the right one. Picking the right countertop that goes perfectly with your cabinets can be tough. Let’s look closer at why white granite countertops have been and continue to be a great addition to your kitchen design.

Why Are White Granite Countertops Popular?

There are many reasons that make white granite countertops timeless and always popular among homeowners. Here are some of the essential benefits that make white granite countertops favorable:

  • Spacious Look: White granite countertops reflect light. They make your kitchen larger and brighter. Smaller kitchens benefit greatly as if they have more room than there actually is.
  • Classic Beauty: The color white is a classic for kitchen countertops. White granite countertops and granite counters never go out of style. Natural stones such as marble or quartzite have been used for their natural beauty, and white granite will be a great option.
  • Easy to Combine: White granite countertops are easy to use in design. They allow you to highlight other elements in the kitchen. Whether for a modern minimalistic design or a classic look, white granite countertops will be a great addition.
  • Strength and Durability: Granite is a natural stone known for its extreme durability. Granite countertops are known to be heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Because of these properties, granite is ideal for kitchen countertops. Because of its bright color, wear and tear are best hidden on white granite.
  • Easy to Maintain: As all natural stones, granite is porous. Because of this, granite surfaces need to be sealed when installed. This process will make your surfaces resistant to stains and easy to clean. Some warm water and mild soap should be sufficient to clean your white granite countertops.
  • Investment into Your Home: Natural stone countertops are great additions to any home. White granite countertops can increase the value of your home by up to %25. A newly renovated kitchen can be a significant buying factor when buying or selling a home.
  • Variety: Whiter granite countertops have a wide variety of selections. Each white granite slab has different attributes and looks. Instead of picking from a color or two, you can choose the one that fits your kitchen design perfectly.

Most Popular White Granite Countertops

Since every granite slab has visual properties, their variety is essential when picking the right one. Talking about variety, let’s take a closer look at the most popular white granite countertops.

  • Dallas White Granite

Dallas white granite has a cream-colored background with white and black veining. If you take a closer look, you can easily notice gold and burgundy colors which add a subtle warmth to this beautiful natural stone.

  • River White Granite

River white granite is quarried from India. It has a white/grey background with small deep burgundy to blue flecks. This unique stone will definitely be a great addition to the visual appeal of your kitchen.

  • Colonial White Granite

Colonial white granite kitchen countertops have white and pale gray backgrounds. They also feature cloudy silver and mainly jet-black speckles. Colonial white granite is a top pick since it functions indoors and outdoors effectively.

  • Alaska White Granite

Alaska white is a light-colored natural stone with darker minerals running throughout. The background has shades of silver and white. The minerals add warm neutral tones and onyx hues, thus creating a mesmerizing piece.

  • White Fantasy Granite

This stone’s white and light grey background is adorned with naturally-occurring darker grey stripes and splashes. Fantasy white granite can be the perfect option if you want to brighten up a space.

  • Moon White Granite

Moon white is a stunning granite type with a primarily white background completed with silver veining. The black and mostly burgundy dots will give your kitchen countertops a beautiful and elegant look.

  • Viscon White Granite

If you want to make a bold statement with your white granite countertop, then viscon white is the best option. This beautiful stone has black and grey veins and speckling on a white background. The movement and swirls on the surface of viscon white are excellent and will add to the beauty of your home.

  • White Galaxy Granite

Another elegant white granite quarried in India is white galaxy granite. It has a primarily white and silver background. The speckles of black and brown to gold make this natural stone special.

  • White Ornamental Granite

If you are interested in white granite countertops that are low in color variation, white ornamental granite is one of the best picks. It has a milky white base with several tiny speckles scattered on the surface. This simple but fantastic stone can be easily combined with other colors of your choice.

  • Delicatus White Granite

Delicatus white granite has a soft white and beige background. The dark and rich veins beautifully contrast the background. Dark brown, rust, and black veins and specks of this stone will create a magical feeling when used as a kitchen countertop.


To sum it all up, designing your kitchen can sometimes be overwhelming. Picking a white granite countertop can help you a lot in design. Granite is one of the first countertop materials that come to mind. Their eye-catching and long-lasting nature make them ideal for any surface you may want to use them. These robust-looking natural stones are unaffected by scratches or chipping. Granite countertops can withstand water, food, liquid, and oil spills with proper sealing. The variety of white granite colors has made them easier to combine with other design elements.

Generally speaking, there is no such thing as pure white granite. However, some variety of white granite has light colors such as white, beige, silver, or light gray.
Generally speaking, granite is slightly more expensive than quartz. Depending on the slab, granite can sometimes be the cheaper option. However, you can easily find quartz options that also cost less than granite.

Simply no! White granite countertops are timeless classics that never go out of style. They can be incorporated into any kitchen style easily. The color white can be used with any color you want in terms of design.

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