River White Granite

River White Granite is a durable granite used for both interior and exterior projects and it is available in slabs and tiles. It is quarried in India, it consists of a white and soft grey veining that flows like a river to create an overall uniform effect.


River White Granite is a white granite countertop with white as the main color and a background shade of blue, cream, or gray colors. It has linear veins that have different range of tones from burgundy to blue with each slab looking absolutely unique in its natural design and appearance.

river white granite picture

River White Granite perfectly complements almost all surrounding wood tone; whether grey, cream, brown, medium brown, light maple brown, white, and dark espresso among others. If you need a clean look design with little or no maintenance, then River White Granite will be a real deal for you.

Advantages of River White Granite

River White Granite are known for its mind blowing and outstanding finishes, it offers the following advantages;

  • Spacious and Bright Atmosphere: The sophisticated, clean look of white granite makes a room to appear lighter and bigger than it actually is. Hence, they are usually used for small kitchen space to make it look bigger, spacious and lighter to set up a welcoming and fresh atmosphere.
  • Exceptional Beauty: River White Granite with its range of color from snow white to ivory or creamy is stunningly beautiful adding brightness to your white kitchen in order to make it look more inviting and charming. Its real beauty lies in the variations and flecks that add warmth and character to your kitchen décor.
river white granite
  • Resistance to Wear: Granite is one of the hardest natural stones known which says a lot about its strength and resistance to wear and thus it is durable. It can hardly be affected by scraping or cutting or any other kitchen activities. River White Granite is also stain resistant and can withstand the usual tear and wear it may be subjected to; it conceals blemishes and imperfection. Stains like water marks, surface flaws, fingerprints, and dusts are hardly visible on River White Granite.
  • Added Value to your Home: Installing River White Granite in your homes automatically adds a good resale value to it and you can get good value for your investment. Whether you intend to lease or sell the property, it will attract serious buyers and you can negotiate a great value with potential suitors. Using white granite countertop is a great idea as its benefits are timeless.
  • Great Surface: River White Granite offers a great preparation surface for you when it is installed in your kitchen. You can place hot pans or cut items on the surface of the granite countertop without causing any damage and in case of any stain, it is easy to clean the surface with a mild detergent and warm water. Granite is naturally susceptible to scratches and it is a good heat resistant so you have nothing to worry about when you install granite countertops.

Choosing a River White Granite for kitchen remodeling is a good idea because of its uniqueness and classy look, give it a try and you will be amazed at the beauty it will add to your home.