Miralis Cabinetry

Transforming kitchens into customers’ dream places, Miralis ensures to create living spaces where people feel they belong. The brand prioritizes meeting the highest standards of state-of-the-art craftsmanship and creating kitchen spaces where functionality and timeless beauty are brought together.

If you are after a kitchen that reflects your personality and way of living, Miralis Cabinets are just what you are looking for. This is because Miralis challenges itself by aiming to create designs that perfectly fit customers’ living styles.

Working only with the finest quality material, Miralis guarantees longevity for its products that you will love to use for many years. Six kitchen cabinetry collections Miralis offers carry unique qualities that meet customer expectations and preferences to help them have their dream kitchen designs.

Laminate Collection

As Laminate Collection offers endless finish, color, and texture alternatives, you can easily find a perfect fit for your kitchen design in it. The wide array of colors that the collection provides guarantees that you will be able to beautify your kitchen with the kitchen cabinet color you have in your mind. Besides, the affordable cost of the overall collection lets customers realize their dream kitchens without overreaching their budgets.

Wood Collection

Coming with several finish options, the Wood collection brings both elegance and warmth into your kitchen. Wood Collection offers numerous species, some of which are exclusive to Miralis, like sapwood walnut. Accordingly, the Wood Collection of Miralis opens up the possibility of having exotic wood species as your kitchen countertop material. Each cabinetry of the collection brings the joy of nature into your house.

Lacquer Collection

Bringing simplicity and elegance together, Lacquer Collection has an Italian origin. As offering versatility to customers, the collection offers freedom of custom color lacquer of customers’ own choice. The smooth and uniform texture of the Lacquer Collection comes with endless color options and two gloss levels. Besides, the collection offers several door models, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your kitchen design, whether it is contemporary, modern, or transitional.

European Laminate Collection

Coming with unique Miralis colors and textures, European Laminate Collection looks like natural wood. Each product in the collection ensures aesthetic superiority both inside and out. Along with beauty, European Laminate Collection also has highly resistant finishes, making each cabinetry durable and functional.

Similacquer Collection 

Being manufactured based on the fusion of materials, Similacquer Collection is produced with cutting-edge technology. The collection is available in two finishes, matte and glossy, and in several solid colors. Similacquer is the perfect fit for those who want to bring brightness and warmth to their kitchen designs. Each product of the collection is resistant to humidity and easy to maintain, making them incredibly functional cabinets.

Advanced Engineering Collection

Bringing quality, strength, and durability, Advanced Engineering Collection is a sign of how Miralis pushes the limits of creativity. As functionality defines the products of this collection, you can be confident that your cabinetry will be resistant to scratches, abrasions, heat, light, and humidity. All these qualities make Advanced Engineering Collection the best choice for high-traffic kitchens especially. Besides, it is easy to keep these cabinets clean thanks to their anti-fingerprint finishes.

Besides its success in manufacturing top-quality products, Miralis is also known for its environmentally-conscious approach. The company aims to control formaldehyde emissions during wood processing, reduce the environmental footprint and pollution caused by transportation, and use recycled product packaging and refurbished hinges.

Working only with the leading brands in their field, Bergen aims to provide top-quality products to its customers. As a trusted and well-known kitchen cabinet supplier, Bergen is the company where you can purchase your Miralis cabinets. Reach out to learn more about each collection of Miralis to find out the best fit for your dream kitchen design.

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