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Green granite countertop is one of the sophisticated options you can install in your home just to explore and have something different from the popular choices that you will find around. Green countertops are flamboyant, it exhumes beauty, and possesses durability that could add value to your home and last a life time. If you are looking to set up a luxurious kitchen, then a green kitchen with green countertops will be a great choice. The choice of green countertops will pay off in the long run as it is easy to maintain, it is resilient, and it will give you good value for your investment whenever you wish to lease or sell your home for any reason. We will be looking at the most popular types of green countertops and the most suitable styling choice that will match your cabinetry

Green granite might not be as popular as either white or black countertops but they can be used to make a bold dramatic statement in any kitchen. It will give a distinctive look to your kitchen and it will also serve as a focal point in your home due to its fascinating appearance.  

Green countertops come in different shades from the strong to subtle shades, this makes it a versatile choice as far as design and matching kitchen style is concerned. It can come in a variety of dark or light shades of green, copper, gold, or black, with undertones that range from beige to gray, and touches of garnet red, golden yellow, and aqua blue among others.

Green countertops also come in exotic looking outlook which include a wide array of patterns that may be in solid colors with variations of either a coarse or subtle gray dots, pebbled, flecked or grained pattern.

The other kind of pattern is the veined or marbled type that is characterized by a smooth transition of textures and colors. This is the most beautiful looking form of green granite countertops because the color combinations are usually unique, looks excellently glamorous, and cannot be compared with other granite colors that you will find around.

The third pattern is the speckled type with high variations between texture and color. Speckled green countertops have accents of frosted crystals and metallic colored minerals like quartz, mica, and feldspar.

Green granite is also an ideal countertop for both casual and formal kitchens, depending on the shade of its color. It is used for contemporary kitchen designs and traditional designs as well. It can be an addition to kitchen styles which require deep rich color palettes like the Country, Medieval, Moroccan, Rustic, and English Country inspired concepts. It is appropriate for Tuscan and Victorian inspired settings due to its availability in bold patterns.

Green color is more of a soothing and relaxing color that will make your home more appealing, inspiring, and inviting. It is a natural color that gives your kitchen a natural look with its various shades and with undertones of gray and brown to make the interior parts of the kitchen a cozy ambience and organic design.  

Green Countertops Colors and Styles

The interesting part of green countertops is that it blends well with almost any cabinet color and tile colors.

Green countertops match well with kitchen cabinetry with colors from shades of light to white, dark and wood stains. For example, white cabinetry will match perfectly well with green countertops in order to neutralize the overall look of a kitchen whether in a contemporary or traditional kitchen design styles. Green countertops also blend well different shades of wood stains and brown because the earthy golden tones fit perfectly with the natural look of wood. If you go for green countertop, avoid choosing black or red colors for your cabinets, go with shiny or bronze fixtures, and satin finish instead. 

Use neutral wall palette with green granite countertops. Green countertops with busy and bold patterns pairs well with a more muted and subtle color palette. You can go with cream or beige walls, or if you want a more fascinating look, you can paint your kitchen walls with tan or sand, and light brown.

Your flooring colors and backsplashes should also fit perfectly well with your green countertops. Green countertops are a bold statement that will make your kitchen look great anytime any day.