Different Types of Kitchen Countertop Edge Profiles

Countertops are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of our kitchens. Their mere existence determines the overall decoration theme of our kitchen and living quarters. The material, color, and texture all have something to say when it comes to your way of living. However, they have one important detail that is sometimes overlooked in terms of type, and they are none other than countertop edge profiles.

Before understanding why countertop edge profiles are important you might need to consider their impact on the overall aesthetics of your space. Whether they are in your kitchen or bathroom, countertops are constantly being used, either for meal preps, enjoying a cup of coffee, or simply being touched for the luxurious feeling they provide. That’s why the selection of your countertop edge profile matters. Now you might be wondering, then which edge profiles are the best to get? The answer lies in the type of your material and your requirements. Thus, we created a short blog to help you understand the different pros and cons of countertop edge profiles in order to help you complement the type that you are aiming for.

Types of Countertop Edges

Eased, bevel, half bullnose, waterfall, there are so many options when it comes to countertop edge profiles. For starters, we will begin with the simple yet elegant options and move towards more intricate designs that require excellent craftsmanship.

pencil edge countertop

Pencil Edge Countertops

Often mistaken for their counterpart eased edge, pencil edges feature a slightly rounded, and safe edge that is very suitable for family homes with kids. The smooth edges mean that kids won’t bump into sharp edges and unwanted accidents can be minimized.

The top section of this edge profile is rounded ¼” and the bottom is eased with a ratio of 1/16”. In comparison to eased edge profiles, we could say that the pencil edge profile has a softer radius.

eased edge countertop

Eased Edge Countertops

As we stated above, eased edge countertop is similar to its pencil edge counterpart. This profile is defined by subtlety softened square lines, where the hard and sharp edges that you’ll want to generally avoid in hard stone countertops are nullified.

This edge has a design that takes off a 1/8” radius of the material from the countertop, and this means it requires less work to attain, thus, making it one of the cheapest countertop edge profiles. We suggest that you opt for eased edge profiles when you are looking to acquire softer types of natural stone countertop materials such as marble countertops, as they will be less prone to being chipped and damaged.

bevel edge countertop

Bevel Edge Countertops

One of the classiest countertop edge profiles, a beveled edge can add sophistication to your living quarters and kitchen. A beveled edge countertop means that the countertop has a 45-degree angle that slopes down and then another 45-degree angle comes afterward, forming a full 90-degrees drop to the floor.

The main downside of this edge is that they are not very kid-friendly as they have rough corners, however, if you are just looking for the type and don’t have children, they will do wonders for your overall decoration. If you are fond of quartzite countertops, then the bevel edge will accommodate the natural brilliance of quartzite perfectly.

full bullnose edge countertop

Bullnose Edge Countertops

Bullnose edges are a slightly more refined choice when it comes to countertop edge profiles. They have a smooth, rounded edge which puts to display the full beauty of the material it is inscribed into. Just like eased and pencil edges, the bullnose edge also has smooth corners, making them very kid-friendly for family homes.

You can opt for three distinct variations when it comes to bullnose edge profiles; the ½” bullnose, demi bullnose, and the full bullnose. When it comes to selection, the choice is up to you regarding your aesthetic choices. Due to their rounded corners, minimalistic, and timeless design, bullnose edge profiles go wonderfully with quartz countertops.

ogee edge countertop

Ogee Edge Countertops

Opulence, luxury, and a number of other fancy adverbs could be addressed to the ogee edge profile. If you have ever enjoyed a well-deserved vacation in a luxurious hotel or high-stakes casino, then chances are you have seen this edge profile numerous times. This edge profile has a unique S-shaped design that adds a very vibrant feeling and looks for your surroundings. It doesn’t have exactly very sharp corners so it’s not a big game breaker when it comes to kids either.

The only major downside of the ogee edge profile is cleaning. Due to the rather intricate design of the edge profile, it can be rather difficult at times to clean the corners with a simple wipe. However, if cleaning is not a major problem and you are keener on good looks rather than practicality, then the ogee edge profile will easily satisfy your high standards. Ogee edge profiles best go with kitchen islands in a well-decorated kitchen.

waterfall edge countertop

Waterfall Edge Countertops

Taking their name directly from nature, waterfall edge profiles are one of the most majestic options that are available. Mimicking the shape of a waterfall, the edge of the countertops runs continuously from the surface to the ground, creating a similar appearance to water flowing down from a waterfall.

This edge profile is typically designed at a right angle so that the vertical edge is perpendicular to the countertop. Some variations can round the edges slightly differently than others for a unique aesthetic. Due to its inherent craftsmanship requirements, it is no wonder that this edge profile is frequently seen in the finest of dining halls, villas, and mansions.

Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!

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