Carrara Marble

At Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer a wide range of large scale exterior and interior stone work that includes stone flooring, backsplash tiles, granite, marble, quartzite and quartz kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops among others. Our Carrara Marble offers exceptional and beautiful stone floor and stone worktop materials for all budgets and tastes.

white carrara marble

Carrara Marble

Carrara is a type of marble that comes in either blue-grey or white, it is of high quality and it’s popularly used in building décor and sculpture. It is quarried in Italy in a city known as Carrara which is located in the province of Massa and Carrara.

Carrara is a marble type that was used in constructing most of the ancient buildings in Rome. Some of the ancient building that Carrara was used to build include the column of Marcus Aurelius, Trajan’s Column, and The Pantheon among others. The Carrara quarry has produced more marble than any other quarries on earth. That shows its significant and its longevity.

carrara marble massa italy

Carrara Marble has been a popular feature in architecture and art for years because of its’ absolute beauty that is capable of giving a room or building.

Carrara Kitchen Countertops

Carrara kitchen countertops are stylish, elegant, and complements different kitchen designs and it matches with both light and dark cabinetries. It is cool, and sleekly creating a masterpiece as it wears. Marble countertops are relatively cheap compared to other countertop materials, although it is more susceptible to scratches and staining; in this case a good sealer or trivets, placemats, and coasters can be used to protect the surface in order to minimize damage.

Carrara Marble Baths

A bathroom with Carrara Marble from the walls to the floor, and fixtures radiates an elegant ambience. Make sure you carefully select the slabs to create a veining pattern from the floor to the ceiling especially if you are lining the shower walls with Carrara.

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Advantages of Carrara Marble Countertops

Using Carrara Marble countertops offer several benefits that you may not get with some other materials.

  • Stunning and Elegant Look: Carrara Marble tiles give a stunning and elegant and they also add a lot of value to your property.
  • Durability: Carrara Marble tiles are very strong and durable because they don’t break easily.
  • Affordability: Carrara Marble tiles are very appreciable compared to what you will get with other materials.
  • Environmental Friendly: Carrara Marble is a natural stone and as such it does not permit allergens and germs to survive on its surface. Hence, it is a safer option for indoor flooring.

What You Should Look Out for Before Buying Carrara Marble Tiles

white carrara marble in honed finish

There are a certain number of things you should look out for when you go to buy your Carrara Marble tile.

  • Before you buy check the quality of the marble to be sure you are not being offered something of less quality.
  • Thoroughly check all stone pieces properly because some shop keepers might place the quality pieces at the top while inferior pieces are kept below. If you come to Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, you don’t have to worry about this as integrity is our watchword and we sell only quality materials.
  • Check to make sure the stone has a uniform color with no spot or stain.

With these benefits, using Carrara Marble in your home will give your house an uplift with lots of value added to the building as well.