Wolf Cabinets

Wolf Designer

Being the most extensive Wolf Cabinet Collection, Wolf Designer is the best fit for those who want to add a personal touch to their living space. You can choose the color, style, accessories and accents to your taste and create a kitchen or bathroom that reflects your personality. Offering more than 50 cabinet door styles and 60 finish options, Wolf Designer will make your dreams come true.

Wolf Signature

You can add more value to your home with functional and very durable Wolf Cabinets. Equipped with SmartShield Technology, Signature cabinets are made of high quality, solid wood. That is why they can last decades of heavy use and stand up to high temperatures and moisture. In other words, Signature cabinets don’t delaminate or peel even in the busiest kitchens or bathrooms.

Wolf Classic

With Wolf Classic cabinets, you can realize your dream kitchen or bathroom without spending a fortune. Offering a five-year warranty, Wolf’s Classic collection is known for its affordable price and unprecedented durability. Made of high quality material, Wolf Classic is a functional, stylish and durable cabinet solution. In accordance with your needs, you can choose from three different Wolf Classic cabinetry series: Insight, Insight + and Expression.

Wolf Endeavor

Style and quality don’t have to be expensive! Wolf Endeavor aims to provide you with premium quality cabinets at a reachable price point.Enhanced with SmartShied Technology, Endeavor cabinets are both durable and stylish. They can withstand heavy use, high temperatures and moisture. Moreover, you can easily clean any household stain with a wipe.With soft-closure, full-extension drawers and full-access construction, Wolf Endeavor will make your living space stylish and functional.

Wolf Builders Mark

Looking for high quality cabinets with impressive performance and functionality? Then Wolf Builders Mark collection is just what you need. Offering smart storage solutions and durable cabinets at a very competitive price, Builders Mark will transform your kitchen or bathroom into a magnificent space.Wolf Builders Mark kitchen cabinets are enhanced with six-way adjustable, fully concealed hinges, mortise and tenon door construction and a durable finish that can resist high temperature, moisture and scratches.

Known for their original designs and unmatched customer care, Wolf Cabinetry aims to create warm and welcoming homes with kitchen cabinets made in the USA. From sleek and modern cabinets to more traditional looks, Wolf Cabinets offers five different collections and hundreds of unique designs so that you can create your dream kitchen design or bathroom design. Founded in 1843, Wolf Cabinetry has been selling high quality products for almost two centuries. That is why they have vast knowledge and immense experience regarding lumber and cabinetry. If you are looking for durable cabinets and tailor-made solutions for your home, you will find everything you need in Wolf Cabinetry’s massive collection. You can pair Wolf’s kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets with sleek and elegant countertops to create inviting, stylish and functional spaces. Discover Wolf’s cabinets colors and styles now and design your dream kitchen.

With the expertise of 175 years in the industry, Wolf kitchen cabinets are made to last. That is why many home owners and contractors prefer Wolf products. In the making process of Wolf classic cabinets and Wolf designer cabinets, only the highest quality materials are used, and tested construction methods are employed. Opting for both practical and elegant designs, Wolf cabinets will remain their integrity and polished, elegant look for generations. If you want to incorporate unprecedented Wolf cabinets into your kitchen or bathroom, all you need to do is choose a product line from five different options: Wolf Designer, Wolf Signature, Wolf Classic, Wolf Endeavor and Builders Mark from Wolf Home Products. Each line offers a warranty whose duration range from 1-year to lifetime. In order to customize your home to your liking, you can opt for different door styles, finish colours, soft-close hinges, soft-close drawers, dovetail or furniture board drawer construction and various shelf construction options.


As a proud American brand, Wolf Cabinetry manufactures all its kitchen cabinets in the United States. Using locally sourced materials like American Maple trees, Wolf Cabinetry aims to create functional and stylish kitchens that will last for generations.

If you want to support local production and update your kitchen with high-end cabinets, Wolf Cabinets are a perfect match for you.

Known for their high-quality products and unique designs, Wolf Cabinets are made of the best American Maple trees.

Found in 1843, Wolf Cabinetry has been offering only the best kitchen cabinets for almost two centuries. Using their immense know-how, Wolf Cabinetry provides elegant, durable, and functional kitchen cabinets made of American Maple.

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