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White Kitchen Cabinets

Our home is where we spend our lives and feel the most comfortable. The kitchen is probably one of the most preferred rooms where we all love to spend our time. Therefore, the decor and comfort of our kitchen are as important as the other rooms of the house. Who doesn't want a stylish, energizing kitchen to welcome you when you wake up in the morning and make a cup of coffee? Indeed, a beautiful and spacious kitchen pleases everyone. When people move into a new home, they often look for a kitchen remodel. This is because your kitchen design is where you can reflect your style. Luckily, today, kitchens are designed to suit all tastes, unlike classical models.

The kitchen cabinets are the most visible part of your kitchen, which you can design with colors such as sports, classic, colorful, white, and black. Since kitchen cabinets take up the most space in a kitchen, you can start the change and design. You should make a good decision and choose kitchen cabinets you can use for many years because kitchen renovation can be very costly. In this sense, the majority's preference is white kitchen cabinets!

Nowadays, the question of "how to paint my kitchen cabinets white" is quite a lot on the Internet. People want to paint their cabinets white because it is the latest trend and also a wise choice for most kitchen remodelings. We take this business to the next level and produce white kitchen cabinets for you. If you're going to buy white kitchen cabinets but have question marks in your mind, continue reading this article we have prepared for you.

Bergen Granite & Marble - White Kitchen


Why should you choose white kitchen cabinetry?

People can choose kitchen cabinets according to their own taste. There are specific criteria when making this choice. Other than the color, the first thing they notice is the easy maintenance of the cabinetry material. In this sense, you should also wisely decide on the material of your kitchen cabinets. Once you determine the material, you may think about choosing light colors that do not show much dirt and dust. For this and similar reasons, modern white kitchen cabinets are among the most preferred colors for the kitchen cabinet colors. Other reasons to choose white kitchen cabinets can be listed as follows:

  • Timeless Kitchen Cabinets

With their simple and clean designs, kitchen cabinets are compatible with almost all trends. It is a suitable choice for your kitchen cabinets since it is impossible to change them constantly due to their high cost. White kitchen cabinets, which can quickly adapt to changing trends and designs with a few accessorial changes, are just for you!


  • Compatible with Changing Kitchen Decor

White color is compatible with every color in kitchen cabinets as it is everywhere. If you prefer white kitchen cabinetry, it is easier to change it when you are bored with the overall look of your kitchen. For example, you can paint the kitchen walls. Or, as a simpler change, you can replace the kitchen cabinet handles with the model you want because any of them will be compatible with your cabinets. You can also make a change to your kitchen décor just by putting different accessories on the counter

White kitchen cabinets are very compatible with other cabinet colors as well as with kitchen decor. For example, if your lower kitchen cabinets are gray, you can make your upper kitchen cabinets white. You may prefer some other colors to match with white cabinets; It is up to you! For instance, blue and white kitchen cabinets and black and white ones can make your kitchen look more colorful. In light of these, thanks to being compatible with any color, the white kitchen cabinet is a wise investment for your kitchen that you can use for a long time.


  • Kitchen Will Look Brighter

If your kitchen is dark and does not receive much light, the white color is just for you! Because as being a light color, white also reflects the light and makes your kitchen brighter even without the need for additional lighting. A bright and fresh white kitchen will make you feel more energetic, and you will enjoy your time in the kitchen more. It even provides suitable light if you want to take pictures of your food.


  • Makes the Kitchen Look Larger

If the area reserved for the kitchen is not very large in your home and you do not have the opportunity to expand the area, you should always choose kitchen cabinets with light colors. Also, expanding a kitchen is a very costly business. If your budget is limited, just purchase white cabinetry instead. That is to say; glossy white cabinets make your kitchen look wider primarily because of reflecting the light. 

Bergen Granite & Marble - White Kitchen_2


  • Easier To Sell Homes with White Kitchens

People who renew their kitchens usually don't think about selling their houses. But it is actually a good idea to keep in mind that you might want to sell your house in the future. Think of yourself as someone who wants to buy a house. Since you will spend a lot of money to buy one, you may prefer a house that does not require too many renovations. At the end of the day,  you will want to buy your favorite house. But how can a house designed and built years ago fit your taste? Since white kitchen cabinetry is timeless, you can at least ensure that a kitchen design with white cabinets will require more minor changes. Therefore, white is a color that works all the time and is generally preferred by people looking for a home. Hence, a house with white kitchen cabinets will always be easier to sell.


  • Fits Any Kitchen Style

There are kitchen styles known to almost everyone. These are modern farmhouses, contemporary, European, or traditional ones. These kitchen styles have very different types, but they have one thing in common. All of them are quite compatible with the white color because its timeless beauty can harmonize with all kitchen styles. For example, the European kitchen is a style with simple and elegant lines, and it is very compatible with white tones. On the other hand, the color is also harmonious with more mixed styles, like the Country style. 

As you can understand from this article, kitchen cabinets are very important for any kitchen design. If you want your kitchen to be more elegant and suit your taste but never be out of fashion, you should choose white kitchen cabinetry. You can find white kitchen-colored cabinets suitable for all kitchen cabinetry styles such as antique, modern, and classic.

As Bergen Granite, we care about your kitchen cabinets as much as you do, and we produce the high-quality kitchen cabinets of your dreams. 

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