Red Granite Countertops

Investing in red granite countertops is an excellent idea if you want to make a statement in your kitchen. The color red is primal and elemental. It generally associates with extreme emotions such as passion or anger. The color red has been used throughout history, from ancient Egypt, where it was considered the color of vitality, to Greek murals or Byzantine clothing to showcase status and wealth. Reds range from scarlet to crimson; even darker shades of pink can be utilized as red in kitchen designs. 

No matter which hue you pick, a red granite countertop will be a great addition to the heart of your home. Let’s look deeper into what you can do with these beautiful natural stones.

Properties of Granite Countertops

Granite is formed by cooling magma which makes it highly durable. It contains various minerals like quartz or feldspar. These minerals give each slab its unique color and patterns. As with all natural stones, each slab of granite is unique. Granite is resistant to heat and will not melt when exposed to 300° of heat. Granite is also chemical resistant, but the sealing agent might not be. So it’d be wise to stay away from highly acidic cleaning materials.

Since granite has a porous material, it needs to be sealed to be used as a kitchen countertop. You also will have to reseal it often to keep your countertops in good shape. 

What is Red Granite?

Red granite is a natural stone that contains potassium k-feldspar in abundance. The k-feldspar is much redder than common feldspar, giving this stone its color. Iron oxide in hematite grains can be the source of the color red in granite as well. 

Why Choose a Red Countertop?

It is a common mistake to think that red countertops may be too bold or challenging to utilize. A red kitchen countertop can be the perfect fit when combined with the right colors and furniture.

  • Adds Character: Granite is a beautiful natural stone that creates a sophisticated atmosphere wherever it is applied. Red granite countertops will enhance your kitchen’s character and add warmth. They look amazing with glossy finishes, especially in smaller areas, since glossy finishes reflect light more. 

  • Easy to Combine: Red granite kitchen countertops come in various shades. Since there are many options, pairing them with different colors is easier to make the perfect statement. 

  • Inspiring: Selecting a red granite countertop as a design element will open many doors in terms of design for you. Whether you go for a dark, dramatic shade or a light, vibrant red countertop, your kitchen will look amazing.

  • Makes a Statement: Kitchen designs can be tedious, especially when using natural tones. Adding a pop of red can liven up your kitchen, giving it a unique and sophisticated look.


Kitchens are where we gather to cook and spend time with our loved ones. That is why they are the heart of our homes. When it comes to designing a kitchen with granite countertops, the sky is the limit. Choosing red granite countertops will create a stunning look in your kitchen. Using complementary colors and materials will create a lovely atmosphere in your kitchen. After all, the color red is associated with love and passion. If you want to make a bold statement, using red granite countertops will be a great option. 

Definitely yes! Red granite is an eye-catching natural stone that is suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces. 
When it comes to cabinets that pair well with red granite countertops, the options are many. Since red is the most eye-catching color, you can easily pair it with any color you choose. It all depends on your overall design choices and your kitchen’s color palette.
Colors such as white, pink, or natural woods are quite popular pairings for red granite surfaces. Pairing red granite countertops with white cabinets creates a vintage yet snazzy look. If you want a less dramatic look, lighter shades of red or pink might be a great option.