Cubitac Cabinets

Cubitac kitchen cabinets are known for bringing durability and elegant designs together. Deriving inspiration from homemakers, each cabinet brings a timeless sense of taste. From modern to traditional, Cubitac Cabinets can match every style and withstand the test of time.

Using only the highest quality materials, every Cubitac cabinet is crafted with passion and made to last. Offering a chance to honor personal taste with distinctive and unique products that will last for generations, Cubitac kitchen cabinets create warm and inviting living spaces. With the experience of three decades in the industry, the expertise and innovative approach offered by Cubitac remains unmatched. As Bergen Cabinets & Countertops, we offer Basic, Prestige and Imperial collections by Cubitac Cabinets. Designed and engineered by experts, each collection is a reflection of a unique identity. You can find the perfect match for your taste in these elegant and innovative collections. Moreover, you can customize your selection as you desire: Choose your favourite material and finish to create a cosy and welcoming kitchen that suits your personal style. Call us for cubitac cabinets pricing including free consultation and 3D design!

Cubitac is considered among the leading brands when it comes to kitchen cabinet design and manufacture. The brand produces high-durability, luxurious, and stylish kitchen cabinets that are suitable for any family home’s needs.
Cubitac kitchen cabinets are produced in the state-of-the-art facilities of the brand located in Ridgefield, PA.
1 - Measure

Either you can schedule a Free In-Home Measurement by clicking or you can measure your kitchen by yourself and share the information with us. If you need further help, please check the tips on our process page or contact us at 201-419-6941.

2 - Find Your Style

You can discuss with one of our experienced designers about style or the color of the cabinets that you would like to have in your kitchen to check our kitchen cabinet selection live and work with one of our designer side by side.

3 - Free 3D Design

After in-home survey process, our designer will offer you a various options commensurate with your dimensions via Free 3D Design Virtual Reality.

4 - Install & Enjoy

If you don't have an installer, we would gladly offer you our installation services, or you can proceed with your own contractor.

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