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If you are looking to give your kitchen a touch of dramatic flair, then the choice of a black granite countertop will be a bold one because it looks great and matches any kind of kitchen design and style. Black granite countertops can fit into any kitchen design whether it is bold bland, traditional or contemporary; a black countertop will be just perfect. A black countertop matches well with white or stainless steel appliances, white or lighter wood cabinets, except you want to create an ultra-modern monochromatic look.

You don’t have to worry thinking that a black countertop will make your room or kitchen dark or lifeless, you can add a perfect touch of matching colors that have a bold backsplash, window treatments, and dinnerware. You can go for Black granite with red flecksBlack granite with red veinsBlack granite with gold veins, and you can also use Black stone countertop backsplash for black granite countertops in order to tweak things up a little bit.

Black is a universal color and as such you can have black granite tile, black granite slab, black leather countertopsblack granite bathroom countertops, and black galaxy granite tiles in your home.

Nowadays, Black granite countertops are becoming more popular in kitchens. Black granite countertops give a captivating appearance that is glossy or matte especially when combined with less veining and splashes of different shades. Black granite countertops are always very expressive when they are used in homes and it also provides a powerful appearance that is durable and strong as well.

Some people who only heard the idea of black countertops in homes and have not seen firsthand usually think it will make the home drab, gloomy or too dark. The truth is that, the day they will see black countertops in the home of a friend or family member, they will see the perspective of how much beauty black countertops are capable of bringing to the home. Choosing a black granite is an excellent choice when you plan it so well that it fits into your kitchen style and design with a perfect match color of kitchen cabinets to complement the black countertops.

Some of the black granite choices you can go for include Absolute Black graniteBlack Galaxy graniteBrazilian Black graniteBlack Agatha graniteBlack Pearl granite and Black Marinace granite among others.

You can have variations of black in your choice, such as a wavering black color and other secondary colors such as dark and gray variations. There are other textured black granite countertops that provide a natural stone look with ravishing depth and interest.

Black granites are mined in India, Sweden, and South Africa. The most preferred and popular black granite colors are Black Agatha, Titanium, Impala Black, Cambrian black, and Absolute Black among others. You can decide on which of the black countertops will best fit your home from Indian black granite, to Cambrian Black, Agatha Black, Black Pearl, and Absolute black granite among others.

Backsplash Ideas for Black Granite Countertops

Black granite can make the best backsplash tile material in your kitchen or bathroom because of its functionality and its unique beauty. Backsplash ideas for black countertop such as black galaxy, flamed granite, absolute granite, maroon cohiba, emerald pearl, and cosmic black among others. For example, you can have a black emerald pearl countertop to combine with a custom design that cuts through white marble backsplash tile, you can also have subway tile backsplash with black granite, white subway backsplash with black granite countertops, subway kitchen backsplash with black granite countertop, marble tile backsplash with black granite countertop, brown cabinets slate backsplash with black tile granite countertops, all black kitchen and tile backsplash with white cabinets black countertops among others.

You can see samples of these popular granite colors at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops. We import, fabricate, and install all kinds and colors of countertops. Our services at Bergen Cabinets & Countertops are fast and you can always count on us to deliver top quality countertops for your homes at all time.